Pulp The Classics turn classics into fun pulp fiction

By August 16, 2016January 15th, 2020News, The Classics

I’m a bit of a fan of the book cover, and I love retro covers so you can imagine my excitement when one of our book club members posted covers from Pulp the Classics. The company is a new imprint giving the nation’s favourite classic novels original retro covers, in that pulp fiction style that is so iconic, and the fantastic news is, all the versions are completely unabridged so you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite classics to own one of these beauties!

With the success of retro remakes like the new Ladybird books for adults, and the resurgence of love for all things kitsch, we suspect Pulp the Classics is going to do a roaring trade. They take the unabridged text, but add a retro ‘pulp fiction’ cover using illustrations of iconic characters to adorn the front page, adding brilliant comedic effect.

There’s a selection of classic available including The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde featuring Alice Cooper as both Jekyll and Hyde, and my personal favourite, Othello, featuring Mr T!

I’m going to have to be very disciplined not to buy a few of these, but I own every one in another cover already! If you’re also a sucker for a fancy cover, but concerned about having too many versions of the same book, then they do the full selection of covers as postcards, posters and greetings cards too so if you don’t want duplicates of the books you can still own a version of the cover. All the designs are available at pulptheclassics.com, or from Amazon (US) and (UK).

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