Which Classic Book Mash-Up Are You?

By January 20, 2016 Literature, Quizzes, The Classics

Prepare yourself for the most invasive ten questions of your life. Your psyche will be probed and inner most secrets will be revealed culminating in a result that will change you life.

Have you ever wondered which classic book mashup you would really enjoy if it existed?

Your considered decisions upon such personal subjects as the best type of mashed potatoes, or the most apt GIF reaction to bad manners, will result in a fiction book that should be written for you.

It hasn’t, but it should have been.

Obviously, as you can tell, this quiz is very scientific and accurate. Please try to be as honest as possible when you answer how many jelly beans are in the jar. That one is super important.

This quiz will determine which modern classics should have been mashed together creating a new, and often ridiculous, result thought up by my brain. If you truly like your result you could always write the book yourself…

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