Word of the Day – Folderol

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Folderol (noun)


Trivial or nonsensical fuss: A showy but useless item.

Originally used as a meaningless refrain in popular songs Charles Dickens used the term in his Sketches By Boz: “Smuggins, after a considerable quantity of coughing by way of symphony, and a most facetious sniff or two, which afford general delight, sings a comic song, with a fal-de-ral — tol-de-ral.”

Example sentences

“No amount of folderol, flummery or flattery makes it easier to swallow.”

“That kind of folderol is enough to make any reasonable person cringe.”

Word of the Day – Proselyte

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Proselyte (noun)


A person who has converted from one opinion, religion, or party to another.

Late Middle English: via late Latin from Greek prosēluthos ‘stranger, convert’, from prosēluth-, past stem of proserkhesthai ‘approach’.

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Veridical (adj)


Truthful, honest, able to be verified, corresponding to facts.

What a great derivative from verify. I love this, I’m going to try and use it. It sounds really great when you say it too… veridical.

Example sentences

“He’s offering a service but I’m not sure if it’s veridical”

“Memories aren’t known to be particularly veridical.”

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