Word of the Day – Folderol

By February 15, 2017Word of the Day

Folderol (noun)


Trivial or nonsensical fuss: A showy but useless item.

Originally used as a meaningless refrain in popular songs Charles Dickens used the term in his Sketches By Boz: “Smuggins, after a considerable quantity of coughing by way of symphony, and a most facetious sniff or two, which afford general delight, sings a comic song, with a fal-de-ral — tol-de-ral.”

Example sentences

“No amount of folderol, flummery or flattery makes it easier to swallow.”

“That kind of folderol is enough to make any reasonable person cringe.”

Veridical (adj)


Truthful, honest, able to be verified, corresponding to facts.

What a great derivative from verify. I love this, I’m going to try and use it. It sounds really great when you say it too… veridical.

Example sentences

“He’s offering a service but I’m not sure if it’s veridical”

“Memories aren’t known to be particularly veridical.”

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