Word of the Day – Gudgeon

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Gudgeon (noun) (archaic)


A credulous or easily fooled person.

Gudgeon also has many definitions still in use. The pivot on which a bell rotates, the tubular part of a hinge, a pin holding two stone blocks together.

Middle English: from Old French goujon, diminutive of gouge (see gouge).

Example sentences

“Has the old gudgeon never heard of a celebratory glass of champagne?”

Word of the Day – Queach

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Queach (noun) (English regional)


A dense growth of bushes; a thicket. Also: a patch of untillable land characterized by such thickets.

Late 15th century; earliest use found in The Book of St. Albans. Origin uncertain.
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Word of the Day – Minarchy

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Minarchy (noun)


Minimal government; specifically a (hypothetical) form of government that does not interfere with individual rights and civil liberties, and that has itself no right to levy taxes upon legitimately acquired property.

1960s; earliest use found in Ralph Borsodi (1888–1977). From min- + -archy.
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