Word of the Day – Gudgeon

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Gudgeon (noun) (archaic)


A credulous or easily fooled person.

Gudgeon also has many definitions still in use. The pivot on which a bell rotates, the tubular part of a hinge, a pin holding two stone blocks together.

Middle English: from Old French goujon, diminutive of gouge (see gouge).

Example sentences

“Has the old gudgeon never heard of a celebratory glass of champagne?”

Word of the Day – Nomenclature

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Nomenclature (noun)


The devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline. / The term or terms applied to someone or something.

Early 17th century: from French, from Latin nomenclatura, from nomen ‘name’ + clatura ‘calling, summoning’ (from calare ‘to call’).

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Word of the Day – Decalcomania

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Decalcomania (noun)


The process of transferring designs from prepared paper on to glass or porcelain.

Mid 19th century: from French décalcomanie, from décalquer ‘transfer a tracing’ + -manie ‘-mania’ (with reference to the enthusiasm for the process in the 1860s).

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