Word of the Day – Hoick

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Hoick (verb) (BrEn)


Lift or pull abruptly or with effort.

Late 19th century: perhaps a variant of hike.

Example sentences

“She hoicked her bag up onto the desk and insisted on seeing the manager.”

“Just hoick up the anchor and let’s get going.”

Word of the Day – Defunct

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Defunct (adj)


No longer existing or functioning.

Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘deceased’): from Latin defunctus ‘dead’, past participle of defungi ‘carry out, finish’, from de- (expressing reversal) + fungi ‘perform’.

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Word of the Day – Ordinally

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Ordinally (adverb)


With regard to, or at the level of, orders in a taxonomic system; according to an ordinal number, system, etc.; on an ordinal scale; with regard to order.

Mid 19th century; earliest use found in The Edinburgh Review. From ordinal + -ly.

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