Word of the Day – Kaput

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Kaput (adj)


Broken and useless; no longer working or effective.

Taken from the German kaputt, in turn from French (être) capot  meaning to (be) without tricks in a card game.

Example sentences

“The entire system is kaput, it needs rethinking right from the beginning.”

“Damn, the car is kaput and I can’t afford to replace it right now.”

Word of the Day – Folderol

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Folderol (noun)


Trivial or nonsensical fuss: A showy but useless item.

Originally used as a meaningless refrain in popular songs Charles Dickens used the term in his Sketches By Boz: “Smuggins, after a considerable quantity of coughing by way of symphony, and a most facetious sniff or two, which afford general delight, sings a comic song, with a fal-de-ral — tol-de-ral.”

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