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Word of the Day – Quisquous

By February 5, 2018 Word of the Day

Quisuous (adj) (Scottish) (rare)


Difficult to deal with or settle; perplexing; (of a person) of dubious character.

Late 17th century. Origin uncertain; perhaps from classical Latin quisquis whoever, with subsequent alteration of the ending after adjectives in -ous. With the form quisquose perhaps compare -ose.

Example sentences

“I’ve tried to explain to him but you know how quisquous he can be!”

Word of the Day – Isagogics

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Isagogics (adj)


Introductory study, especially of the literary and external history of the Bible prior to exegesis.

Mid 19th century: plural of isagogic, via Latin from Greek eisagōgikos, from eisagōgē ‘introduction’, from eis ‘into’ + agein ‘to lead’.

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