Word of the Day – Skelf

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Skelf (noun) (Scots)


A splinter or piece of wood. Also used to describe an annoying person.

Scottish, almost certainly a variation on shelf.

Example sentences

“A’ve goat a skelf the size of a toothpick in my finger”

“Daen’t be such a skelf, yer an idiot.”

Word of the Day – Noughting

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Noughting (noun)


Depreciation, scorn; effacement, eradication; an instance of this.

Middle English; earliest use found in Hali Meidenhad: an alliterative homily. From nought + -ing. In later use from nought + -ing.

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Word of the Day – Itinerant

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Itinerant (adj) (noun)


Travelling from place to place. / A person who travels from place to place.

Late 16th century (used to describe a judge travelling on a circuit): from late Latin itinerant- ‘travelling’, from the verb itinerari, from Latin iter, itiner- ‘journey, road’.

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