Word of the Day – Slubberdegullion

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Slubberdegullion (noun) (obsolete)


A slobbering or dirty fellow, a worthless sloven.

1610s, from slubber “to daub, smear; behave carelessly or negligently

Example sentences

“He’s a filthy slubberdegullion and he’s not coming in my pub!”

Word of the Day – Pilgarlic

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Pilgarlic (noun)


Originally: a bald head; a bald-headed person. In later use also: a pitiable, lowly, or foolish person; a shabby or unkempt person. Frequently used without article, as though a proper name.

Early 16th century; earliest use found in John Skelton (c1460–1529), poet. In some forms apparently partly from pilled + garlic and partly from peeled + garlic; in some forms apparently partly from pill + garlic and partly from peel + garlic.

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