Word of the Day – Declination

By August 2, 2019Word of the Day

Declination (noun)


The angular distance of a point north or south of the celestial equator.

From Latin

Example sentences

“Also every month, the Moon will reach its minimum declination at 18 north or south.”

Word of the Day – Drookit

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Drookit (also Droukit) (adj) dru-kit (Scots) Extremely wet; drenched. Early 16th century origin uncertain; cf. Old Norse drukna ‘to be drowned’. (more…)

Word of the Day – Falabella

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Falabella (noun) fal-a-bel-a A horse of a miniature breed, the adult of which does not usually exceed 75 cm in height. 1970s named after Julio Falabella (died 1981), an Argentinian…

Word of the Day – Cyclorama

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Cyclorama (noun) sai-klo-ra-ma A circular picture of a 360° scene, viewed from inside. Mid 19th century from cyclo-, on the pattern of words such as panorama. (more…)

Word of the Day – Seppo

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Seppo (noun) sep-o (informal, Aus slang) An American person. 1980s abbreviation of septic tank, rhyming slang for Yank. (more…)

Word of the Day – Dramaturgy

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Dramaturgy (noun) dram-a-ter-jee The theory and practice of dramatic composition. (more…)

Word of the Day – Irrits

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Irrits (noun) i-rits (Aus, informal) Feelings of extreme annoyance or irritation. 1990s shortening of irritations. (more…)

Word of the Day – Juvenescence

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Juvenescence (noun) jew-ven-es-ens The state or period of being young Early 19th century from Latin juvenescent- ‘reaching the age of youth’, from the verb juvenescere, from juvenis ‘young’. (more…)

Word of the Day – Cultch

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Cultch (noun) kul-ch The mass of stones, broken shells, and grit of which an oyster bed is formed. Mid 17th century of unknown origin. (more…)

Word of the Day – Verditer

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Verditer (noun) ver-di-ter A light blue or bluish-green pigment, typically prepared by adding chalk or whiting to a solution of copper nitrate, used in making crayons and as a watercolour.…

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