Word of the Day – Rancour

By October 11, 2019Word of the Day

Rancour (noun)


Bitterness or resentfulness, especially when long standing.

Middle English via Old French from late Latin rancor ‘rankness’ (in the Vulgate ‘bitter grudge’), related to Latin rancidus ‘stinking’.

Example sentences

“she spoke with great rancour and disdain.”

Word of the Day – Brik

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Brik (noun) brik Especially in Tunisia and elsewhere in North Africa: a filo pastry, often triangular in form, with a savoury filling. 1930s; earliest use found in American Poultry Journal.…

Word of the Day – Ecclesial

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Ecclesial (adj) ek-lee-zee-al Relating to or constituting a Church or denomination. Mid 17th century (rare before the 1960s): via Old French from Greek ekklēsia ‘assembly, church’ (more…)

Word of the Day – Cornichon

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Cornichon (noun) kaw-nish-on A small pickled cucumber. French, literally ‘little horn’. (more…)

Word of the Day – Migaloo

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Migaloo (noun) (Aus Eng) mig-a-loo (especially in Aboriginal use) a white person. 1970s perhaps ultimately from Mayi-Kutuna (an Aboriginal language) migulu. (more…)

Word of the Day – Faceache

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Faceache (noun) fays-aik An ugly or miserable-looking person. Informal, British (more…)

Word of the Day – Hemlock

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Hemlock (noun) hem-lok A highly poisonous European plant of the parsley family, with a purple-spotted stem, fernlike leaves, small white flowers, and an unpleasant smell. Old English hymlice, hemlic, of…

Word of the Day – Absotively

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Absotively (adverb) (slang US) ab-so-tiv-lee Emphatically; without a doubt, irrefutably. Also used as an emphatic affirmative: yes, certainly, definitely. Early 20th century; earliest use found in The Syracuse Herald. Blend…

Word of the Day – Moider

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Moider (verb) (dialect Irish, British, Midlands English ) moy-duh To confuse, perplex, bewilder; to exhaust, overcome, stupefy; (occasionally) to pester. Chiefly reflexive or in passive. Late 16th century; earliest use…

Word of the Day – Extracorporeal

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Extracorporeal (adj) ek-stra-caw-paw-ree-al Situated or occurring outside the body. from late Latin corporealis, body, physical. (more…)

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