Word of the Day – Traduce

By September 22, 2019 Word of the Day

Traduce (verb)


Speak badly of or tell lies about (someone) so as to damage their reputation.

Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘transport, transmit’): from Latin traducere ‘lead in front of others, expose to ridicule’, from trans- ‘over, across’ + ducere ‘to lead’.

Example sentences

“The claims were all part of the political move to traduce him.”

Word of the Day – Clandestine

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Clandestine (adj) klan-des-tine Kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit. Mid 16th century from French clandestin or Latin clandestinus, from clam ‘secretly’. (more…)

Word of the Day – Cassareep

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Cassareep (noun) kas-a-reep A thick brown syrup made by boiling down the juice of grated cassava with sugar and spices, used as a flavouring for the West Indian dish pepper…

Word of the Day – Fracas

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Fracas (noun) fra-ka A noisy disturbance or quarrel. Early 18th century French, from fracasser, from Italian fracassare ‘make an uproar’. (more…)

Word of the Day – Shrapnel

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Shrapnel (noun) sh-rap-nel Fragments of a bomb, shell, or other object thrown out by an explosion. (British Informal) Small change Early 19th century named after General Henry Shrapnel (1761–1842), the…

Word of the Day – Porraceous

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Porraceous (adj) por-ay-shus Resembling a leek, especially leek-green in colour. Early 17th century; earliest use found in Richard Surflet (fl. 1600–1616), translator. From classical Latin porrāceus resembling a leek, leek-green…

Word of the Day – Cannonade

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Cannonade (noun) (archaic) can-on-ayd A period of continuous heavy gunfire. Mid 16th century from French, from Italian cannonata, from cannone (see cannon). (more…)

Word of the Day – Aspersion

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Aspersion (noun) as-pur-shun (usually aspersions) An attack on the reputation or integrity of someone or something. Late Middle English (denoting the sprinkling of water, especially at baptism): from Latin aspersio(n-),…

Word of the Day – Assignation

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Assignation (noun) as-ig-nay-shun An appointment to meet someone in secret, typically one made by lovers. Late Middle English (in the senses ‘command, appointment to office, or allotment of revenue’): via…

Word of the Day – Percussive

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Percussive (adj) pur-kus-iv Relating to or produced by percussion. Mid 16th century (in the general sense ‘give a blow to’): from Latin percuss- ‘struck forcibly’, from the verb percutere, from…

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