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R.L Stine surprised that Netflix adapted Fear Street for a grown up audience

R.L Stine is the prolific writer of kid and teen horror such as Goosebumps and Point Horror.

His book series Fear Street was recently adapted for television by Netflix, and the outcome was a bit of a surprise for Stein.

The author, who has been known to write a book in just two weeks, told the BBC that he was surprised to find out his teen horror series was rated 18 when he wrote his stories for a PG-13 audience.

Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy consists of three slasher-horror movies, each set in three different time periods.

Although the fact the series is 18-rated Stine said the series didn’t scare him.

“I don’t get scared from horror movies,” he says. “There’s something missing in my brain. I just find horror very funny.”

His mark on the horror genre is without any doubt as Goosebumps turns 30 this year, and has already inspired two movies.

The 77-year-old has just signed up to write six more books, which he says must make him utterly mad.

“I don’t know how I did it,” he says. “Back in the day I was writing a Goosebumps and a Fear Street book every month. I’d been writing for 20 years and no-one had noticed – and then to suddenly have that kind of success was exhilarating. It just kept me going.

“I’ve definitely topped 300 books now. How crazy do you have to be to write 300 books?”

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