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Stephen King’s The Stand adapted for television

By April 4, 2018Adaptations, News

Over two years ago there were rumours of a four-movie deal between Stephen King and Josh Boone (of The Fault in Our Stars fame). That plan was soon put aside for another King novel adaptation Revival, and Boone’s X-Men:New Mutants project.

A new report in Tracking Board has finally confirmed that one of the King projects will finally go ahead. The Stand is being developed as a 10-hour series for CBS Access.

King and Boone promoting Revival 

In 2016 Josh Boone said:

“The movies based on King’s books that don’t work so well are the ones that don’t take the heart of the characters that beat in the books. I’m a huge John Carpenter fan, but on Christine, there’s an aching sadness and deep character development in the book that’s just not in that movie. What I’d like to do is Anthony Minghella-depth adaptations of King’s books, if that ambition makes sense.”

It is clearly important to Boone, as it is to many King fans, for the adaptation to do the book justice. This is great news for the up coming series.

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