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The Tiny Books of Evan Lorenzen

By January 4, 2016Arty

Who is Evan Lorenzen?

Evan is an illustrator and artist who lives in Denver Colorado USA. He graduated in 2013 from Marlboro College with a Bachelor of the Arts and now works as a designer at a screen printing shop in Denver, Indyink.

His most recent works have been focused on the making of micro handmade-books. These beautifully crafted miniatures are perfection made small with most pieces being no bigger than a thumbnail and all of them smaller than an inch in height.

“Primarily working in pen and ink as well as watercolor, Evan currently finds himself influenced by mythology and medieval woodblock prints.”


See more of Evan’s wonderful miniature books at

Personally I think they’re spectacular pieces of micro art and I for one would love a copy of Life’s Lil Pleasures.

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