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Khyrunnisa A – The Misadventures of Butterfingers

Amar Kishen is not called Butterfingers for nothing, in his past he’s done many things from scoring an own goal to head-butting a teacher but this time his adventures are about to whip up a tornado of trouble.

Stuti Agarwal – The Very Glum Life of Tootoolu Toop

Stuti Agarwal’s The Very Glum Life of Tootoolu Toop is a children’s adventure book set in Darjeeling and tells the story of a young witch and her attempt to live an ‘ordinary’ non-magical, human life.

Stephen Alter – The Secret Sanctuary

When Kamla, Pradeep and Manohar fall from an oak tree they land in a magic world where they can walk amongst the wildlife without being detected, but will they ever find their way home?

Anjana Basu – Eighteen Tides and a Tiger

Rohan is on his first internship and finds himself in the Sunderbans, this forest holds a legend of a ghost tiger, but the tiger Rohan finds is very much real and is need of help.

Anjana Basu – Lockdown Tiger

In Anjana Basu’s Lockdown Tiger, a tiger cub and a girl are kidnapped though not at the same time. They find themselves sharing isolation as they’re locked in a hunting lodge that is rumoured to be haunted. Perhaps they should call for the ghost to come and help them.

Sutapa Basu – Princesses, Monsters and Magical Creatures

Sutapa Basu’s Princesses, Monsters and Magical Creatures is a translation of Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar’s original work of folktales. Taking children on a reading journey through enchanting lands with flying horses, speaking birds, cunning foxes, undefeatable monsters, bold princes, and even bolder princesses, this magical book is what dreams are made of.

Coralie Bickford-Smith – The Fox and the Star

When Fox’s Star suddenly goes out leaving Fox in the unfamiliar dark he heads out of the world he knows to find his missing Star.

Enid Blyton – Five on a Treasure Island

Off of Kirrin Island the famous five find a shipwreck and start to search for the hidden treasure but they’re not the only ones following the clues, who will get to the treasure first?

Ruskin Bond – Cricket for the Crocodile

Ranji and his friends love to play cricket down by the river bank, but with balls landing in the river and load crowds the nosy crocodile wants to investigate.

Ruskin Bond – The Room on the Roof

Dissatisfied with his life with his English guardians in the European community at Dehra Dun, Rusty runs away to live with his Indian friends.

Ruskin Bond – Vagrants in the Valley

When Rusty returns to Kishen and to his beloved room, he discovers it’s no longer his. He must now embark on a journey of self discovery making new friends and along the way.

Ruskin Bond – Rusty and the Magic Mountain

Not yet ready to settle down Ruskin Bond sets out on an adventure up the mysterious Witch mountain with his friends Pitambar and Popatand and an adventure is just what he they get!

Ruskin Bond – Whispers in the Dark

This collection of dark stories brings a new friend in Jimmy the jinn, a bloodthirsty vampire cat and the mischievous Pisaach and Churel.

Ruskin Bond – Ranji The Music Maker

In the middle of his holiday, a young Ranji stumbles across musical instruments in the storeroom – first a flute, then a blaring trumpet and, finally, a too-big drum that may have once sounded a battle march.

Ruskin Bond – Koki’s Song

Beautifully written with illustrations to match. Be transported by Bond to the mountainside where Koki befriends a flute-playing cowherd.

Linda Chapman – Sky Horses

Erin had never believed that she had magic powers until one day when Erin Looks up into the clouds and saw a herd of magic horses! Erin discovers that she is a weather weaver with magical powers, and sky horses need her help.

Shamika Chaves – Ten Second Book Of Laughs And Surprises

A fascinating children’s book, Shamika Chaves Ten Second Book Of Laughs And Surprises is an illustrated, fun collection of bizarre, weird, and interesting facts.

Andrew Clements – Frindle

This best selling childhood classic is a quirky and imaginative tale about creative thoughts and the power of words.

Tim Collins – Diary of a Wimpy Vampire

It’s bad enough being an awkward teenager, but for Nigel becoming a vampire at his awkward stage means he’s stuck there forever. As reviewed by Isabel, aged 8.

Carlo Collodi – Pinocchio

A review of the children’s classic, Pinocchio, long loved in many forms by children all over the world.

Joseph and Sparkle D’Lacey – The Hairy Faerie

Mary has woken up so hairy she can’t see and she is meant to be making her famous mushroom and nettle crumble for the queen, can she manage to get rid of her hair problem before time runs out?

Roald Dahl – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The classic children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has stood the test of time, a children’s favourite for almost 40 years. This review contains spoilers.

Roald Dahl – Matilda

At age five- and-a-half Matikda is knocking off double-digit math problems and reading Dickens. Even more remarkably, her classmates love her even though she’s a nerd and the teacher’s pet. But not everything is perfect in Matilda’s world.

Deepak Dalal – Feather Tales

When Sunglow, a Mumbai flamingo goes missing his friend the skybird Longtail is called to investigate the bird-napping.

Deepak Dalal – Lakshadweep Adventure: A Vikram–Aditya Story

In Deepak Dalal’s Lakshadweep Adventure, Vikram and Aditya dive into the deep lagoons of the Lakshadweep Islands and find reefs shrouded in mystery. When the discover a kidnapping plot, their idyllic vacation turns into a struggle to survive.

Deepak Dalal – The Paradise Flycatcher

No one can find the Rose Garden’s beloved squirrel after he has vanished without a trace. So to find their beloved friend, he loyal bird gang must fly to distant forests to track down the glamorous creature, who might just be able to help.

Deepak Dalal – Ranthambhore Adventure

Deepak Dalal’s Ranthambhore Adventure is a story that is inspiring children across India to work toward saving tigers and their rapidly disappearing forest habitats. When Aditya attempts to lay his hands on a ruthless tiger poachers diary, his ill-fated endeavour will plunge Vikram and Aarti into an exciting adventure which climaxes at the game park of Rathambore. This book also narrates the story of the tiger, Genhis from the fluffy, helpless ball of fur to a powerful adult predator whom vicious humans seek.

Deepak Dalal – Snow Leopard Adventure: A Vikram-Aditya Story

Vikram and Aditya return for another adventure in Deepak Dalal’s Snow Leopard Adventure. Set in Ladakh, having freed their friend Tsering from the capture of dangerous men, they set off on their next challenge; locating the snow leopard, known as the grey ghost of the Himalayas.

Junot Diaz – Islandborn

Award winning Junot Diaz presents a colorful picture book about the magic memory and amazing power of the imagination.

Kate DiCamillo – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Edward Tulane is a loved toy rabbit, but lost by his owner Abilene he is now on an extraordinary journey. Will he find his way back to Abilene?

Michael Ellison & Teshika Silver – Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution!

Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution! by Michael Ellison & Teshika Silver is an illustrated children’s book which tells the story of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two trans women who made LGBTQIA+ history and helped kick-start the Stonewall Riots. This book also includes educational material to be used by parents, teachers and carers to talk to children about gender and identity.

Claire Fayers – Welsh Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends

From tales of Welsh dragons to lost underwater cities, this collection by Claire Fayers includes traditional favourites, classic myths, and legends from Welsh folklore. Welsh Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends by Claire Fayers is the perfect way to delve into Wales’ rich history.

Toby Forward – The Wolf’s Story: What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood

A traditional fairy tale with a twist, the Wolf’s Story is Little Red Riding Hood, but told from the perspective of the wolf as he tells how a series of accidents and misunderstandings lead to his vilification.

Neil Gaiman – Odd And The Frost Giant

In this children’s story Odd runs away from his cruel step father and find himself on an adventure to save the gods from the frost giants.

Priyanka Talreja Garegrat – Kitten the Dog

Margi always wanted a cat but he father has other ideas and so Margi is given a Chihuahua which she calls kitten but after trying to be a good cat, kitten runs away in search of a dog’s life.

Leela Gour Broome – Red Kite Adventure

When Arzaan’s new friend Veer is kidnapped, Arzaan uses their similar appearance to make a sacrifice to protect his friend.

Subhadra Sen Gupta – A Clown for Tenali Rama

Subhadra Sen Gupta’s A Clown for Tenali Rama is a children’s book set in Karnataka, India. It tells the story of two children, Basava and Sivakka, growing up together in a village. One day, Basava finds a sculpting hammer and chisel but when he starts to carve with them he soon realises these are magical tools that take him back to the sixteenth century. Here, the children meet scheming dancers, talented artists and powerful emperors. Basava becomes a sculptor and is commissioned by the legendary Tenali Rama to make something that will make him laugh in this magnificent adventure story.

Subhadra Sen Gupta – Let’s Go Time Travelling Again: Indians Through the Ages

Through snapshots of fiction and wacky trivia, Subhadra Sen Gupta’s  Let’s Go Time Travelling Again: Indians Through the Ages gives young readers a glimpse into India’s vibrant culture as children learn about kings and queens, viceroys, and even ordinary Indian children with stories to tell.

Meena Harris – Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea (illustrated by Ana Ramírez González)

Written by Vice-President of the United State Kamala’s Harris’ niece, Meena Harris, Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea is an uplifting tale of who Kamala and her sister Maya learned to persevere when they were faced with disappointment and turn their dreams into a reality. An inspiration tale for children with delightful illustrations by Ana Ramírez González. 

Ruth Hobart – Cinderella

Ruth Hobart’s adaptation of Cinderella for early readers uses simple, repetitive language to make practising English fun and have children memorising the story in no time. While beautiful illustrations from Giovanni Manna captivate the reader. What’s more, games and language activities after the story further add to the fun of learning to read English.

Anthony Horowitz – Stormbreaker

The Alex Rider adventures are now bestsellers all over the world, and the book that started it all, stormbreaker is soon to be a major motion picture.

Jugal Hansraj – The Coward and the Sword

Jugal Hansraj’s The Coward and the Sword is a children’s book set in The Kingdom of Kofu, ruled by the brave king Rissho. The people of Kofu are courageous and brave, except Rissho’s heir 16-year-old Prince Kadis.

A.D. Hasselbring – A Thicket of Tales

A Thicket of Tales is a collection of nine fairy tales for younger children, containing a wide collection of stories with beautiful language, according to reviewer Allie.

David Hill – First to the Top

A picture book version of Sir Edmund’s story, from his childhood in New Zealand to the conquering of Everest.

Khaled Hosseini – Sea Prayer

Fans have waited a long time for a new instalment from Hosseini and it’s here in the form of a deeply moving response to the refugee crisis, inspired by the haunting image of Alan Kurdi whose body washed up on a Turkish beach.

Sun-Mi Hwang – The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly

Read our book review of Sun-Mi Hwang’s fairy tale short story – The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly – as interpreted by reading addict Enchanted Wanderer.

Payal Kapadia – Horrid High : Back to School

Another term at Horrid High and with the Grand Plan still missing and Granny Grit away will Ferg and his friends survive in the world’s most horrid school?

Noor Inayat Khan – Great Jataka Tales

Twenty stories that bring alive a world that shows the importance of courage, compassion, non-violence and love.

Vikas Khanna – The Milk Moustache

Jessi, the milkman’s daughter is on a mission to end the milk strike and make Kal the cow happy again.

Dick King-Smith – Babe: The Gallant Pig

Wanting to be more than a Pig, Babe follows Fly (the sheep dog) and sets out on a journey to become a sheep herder.

Jeff Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the first book in the Wimpy Kid series, spawning a collection of books loved by kids the world over.

Jeff Kinney – Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

Greg Heffley’s best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has ditched him, and finding new friends in middle school is proving to be a difficult task. To change his fortunes, Greg decides to take a leap of faith and turn his decisions over to chance.

Jeff Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days

It’s summer vacation, there’s fabulous weather, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where’s Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games of course.

Rudyard Kipling – The Jungle Book

Young Mowgli loves living in the jungle with his animal friends. However, what will he do when he is forced to go live in the man-village?

Garima Kushwaha – She Can You Can

She Can You Can is an A-Z encyclopaedia of inspiring Indian female role models from scientists, doctors and astronauts to comedians, artists and activists.

Anupa Lal – Oddbird

At just three inches tall Oddy lives happily with her pigeon family and squirrel friend, but when her mother decides Oddy should go back to the house she came from she must look at the world through a different perspective.

Ranjit Lal – Budgie, Bridge and Big Djinn

A wonderful adventure story starring teenagers Budgie and Bridge and their ferocious companion Tibetan Mastiff cross German Shepherd Big Jinn. The three set out to get revenge on a gang of bullies but end up in a far more frightening and perilous situation.


Menaka Raman – Loki Takes Guard

Menaka Raman’s Loki Takes Guard is a children’s book that tells the story of eleven-year-old Loki-Lokanayaki Shanmugam who absolutely loved cricket, the only problem is the local team have a ‘boys only’ rule. With her parents too busy focussing on her brother, Loki takes things into her own hands, setting up a petition. Very few people are willing to sign up but soon, after a Twitter account shares it, Loki’s petition goes viral. Loki Takes Guard is a story about breaking outdated rules, standing up for yourself and questioning the patriarchal structures.

Shabnam Minwalla – Nimmi’s Spectabulous Schooldays

Nimmi is starting Grade 6 and while she was really excited, she soon finds that Slimy Sumit will be riding the bus with her, and her best friend has turned into a zombie Barbie. Suddenly things aren’t looking so great.

Shabnam Minawalla – Saira Zariwala is Afraid

Shabnam Minawalla’s Saira Zariwala is Afraid is a children’s mystery novel. When Saira receives messages addressed to Akaash on her new mobile phone, she and her friends decide to play detective. Soon though, this light-hearted game takes a dark turn.

Michael Morpurgo – Shadow

Aman, his mother and the Springer Spaniel found at the mouth of their cave embark on a journey from war stricken Afghanistan to the safety of a relative’s home in Manchester.

Michael Morpurgo – Friend or Foe

It’s the Second World War and now, because of the Blitz, David and his friend Tucky have been evacuated to the countryside, where they must live with strangers.

Sudha Murty – The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home

Sudha Murty’s The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home is a collection of three children’s stories about a dog called Gopi. Beginning with Gopi getting his new home and settling in with his loving family. Told through Gopi’s eyes, we see how the dog sees the world and what he thinks of the people around him, sharing some of the basic values of humanity through the perspective of an animal.

Ishani Naidu & Kalyani Ganapathi – The Song at the Heart of the River

The Song at the Heart of the River, written by Ishani Naidu and Kalyani Ganapathi is a profound story woven with classical themes of Ayurveda and Vedanta and nature-based analogies. Resonating with both adults and children, with its universal message of happiness, health and recognising the light in your own heart. While activity pages offer a further playful exploration of holistic wellbeing and mental health.

Mamta Nainy – A Brush with Indian Art

The perfect introduction for youngsters to Indian art throughout history, informative, interesting with an easy to follow narrative A Brush With Indian Art comes highly recommended.

Malavika Nataraj – Suraya’s Gift

Surabi’s love of making up little stories becomes much more interesting after a visitor brings her a gift, but her writing takes a much more powerful turn.

Nandini Nayar – Camp Sweets

Raj is going to what has to be the worst summer camp in the world, where they teach children how to become expert sweet makers. He turns up at Camp Sweets determined not to learn anything.

Devdutt Pattanaik – Shyam, Our Little Krishna: Read and Colour

An all-in-one children’s storybook and colouring book from one of India’s most loved mythologists, Devdutt Pattanaik. In this lovely children’s book, Pattanaik introduces the story of Krishna, fondly known as Shyam to a new generation of young readers.

Devdutt Pattanaik – Vahana Gods and their Favourite Animals

Devdutt Pattanaik’s Vahana Gods and their Favourite Animals is a children’s book that combines colouring and reading. The book explores the gods and their companion animals.

Nalini Ramachandran – Lore of the Land Storytelling Traditions of India

Moddy Mohini is whisked away on a tour of India’s many story telling traditions from stick figures to dance dramas.

Kalpish Ratna – A Pandemonium in Pakshila

Kalpish Ratna’s A Pandemonium in Pakshila is an exciting, adventurous children’s book in which readers join JustIt and Anil the Excluded Squirrel as they solve a mystery and successfully trap the villain in the book’s thrilling climax.

Anushka Ravishankar – Moin and the Monster

After finding a monster under his bed Moin must keep the monster a secret from his parents and teachers while learning to live with its habits.

Anushka Ravishankar, Jerry Pinto and Sayoni Basu – PHISS PHUSS BOOM

Jerry Pinto, Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu look back at their childhoods living in Goa, Kerala and Bengal, respectively, and bring these three explosive stories.

J.K. Rowling – The Ickabog

First released online, J.K. Rowling’s The Ickabog is an illustrated story from the author of the Harry Potter series. The tale of a mythical monster, a kingdom in peril and two children on an adventure of a lifetime that will test their bravery and showcase the power of hope and friendship.

Rachel Renee Russell – Dork Diaries Tales of a Not so Smart Miss Know it All

Four parties, two friends, one crush and one mean girl is sure as hell going to be the indefinite recipe for disaster.

Rachel Renee Russell – Dork Diaries Once Upon a Dork

The queen of dorks is back in the eighth book of the Dork Diaries series as Nikki takes a bump to the head and a wild ride ensues!

Rachel Renee Russell – Dork Diaries Drama Queen

Nikki Maxwell’s worst nightmare comes true in book nine of the New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series, when a certain member of the CCP girls has gotten her hands on Nikki’s diary.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince

Leaving the safety of his tiny planet the little prince stands before a pilot stranded in the desert and asks, “Please, draw me a sheep” and so the adventure begins.

Lavanya Sankaran – Ninja Nani and the Freaky Food Festival

Lavanya Sankaran’s fun children’s book, Ninja Nani and the Freaky Food Festival is set during the annual festival when a special guest is expected to arrive. Had Ninja Nani finally met her match in this mean, scary demon the crawls out of the forest? Will the major’s moustache ever run for office? You’ll have to read it for yourself to find out about haunted falloda, giant dogs, goats, and fake mystery heroes.

Benita Sen – One Lonely Tiger

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells a story of deforestation from the point of view of a tiger. Where will the animals go now that all their natural habit is disappearing? A tale of ecological disaster for both adults and children.

Raja Sen – My First Matinee

An accident confines Don Cannoli to bed and unable to participate in the annual cake off which he usually wins, but his son Michael rises to the challenge of taking his place.

Maurice Sendak – Where The Wild Things Are

An iconic book inspiring a movie and an opera, one of the best loved books of all time. No spoiler review by Campbell McAulay.

Amishi Seth – The Goofies Tear Down the House

When the Goofies need to renovate their house the only person to take the job is the slowest handyman around town but as the Goofies can’t wait to get started they start themselves.

Atul Sethi and Vikas Upadhayay – Magic in Mussoorie

Nakul and his friend Kuku stumble upon an antique book that transports them back in time to the Mussoorie of over a century ago and on an adventure that can change the course of history.

Dr Seuss – The Lorax

The Lorax by Dr Seuss is a silly children’s book with a more serious subtone about looking after what we have and not being too greedy. Reviewed by Jessica Cross aged 9 1/2.

Brian Sewell – The White Umbrella

This enchanted store of a man and his donkey tells the importance of taking responsibility for our environment and the importance of compassion and empathy.

Kartik Shanker – Lori’s Magical Mystery

After seeing a bewildering cat like figure in the fading evening light Lori sets out on an adventure to find out what creature it is.

Natasha Sharma – Squiggle Takes a Walk

With the help of Squiggle’s adventure through the pages of a note book, readers learn about different types of punctuation.

Neha Singh – I Need to Pee

Rahi hates public toilets, yet her love for refreshing drinks means she always needs to pee! And when those around her refuse to help her with her troubles, her only saviour is her Book of Important Quotes.

Parismita Singh’ – Mara and the Clay Cows

After making a pair of cows from clay they come to life and when they begin to talk Mara, accompanied by Shiroi set out on an adventure to find the Chief Magician.

Prerna Singh Bindra – When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Tiger

T-Cub has a good life, roaming the forest in which he lives with his Ma and sister whilst learning what it is to be a tiger but when his Ma vanishes he realises it’s not easy being a tiger.

Johanna Spyri – Heidi

Johanna Spyri’s Heidi is the classic children’s book. It tells the story of the book’s namesake, Heidi, a five-year-old orphan sent to live with her grandfather in the Alps. Everyone in the village seems scared of him but Heidi is fascinated by him and loves her life playing in the sunshine on the mountains. Until one day when her Aunt comes to collect Heidi taking her away. Can Heidi find her way back up the mountains to her grandfather and the life she loves?

Shalini Srinivasan – Gangamma’s Gharial

Gangamma comes across a gharial shaped earring that can transport her anywhere, when she uses the earring she finds an unlikely friendship with a twelve years old girl.

Jonathan Stroud – The Bartimaeus Sequence

The Bartimaeus Sequence is a trilogy series by Jonathan Stroud. This review is of the entire series, aimed at 9-11 year olds but loved by all ages.

Ravi Subramanian – The Mystery of the Missing Cat

The Mystery of the Missing Cat is the second book is Ravi Subramanian’s SMS Detective Agency series. A delightful detective fiction, The Mystery of the Missing Cat is set in the charming hill town of Solan which is playing host to the cricket match of the year between India and Australia. India’s victory is almost over before the match even begins though when a feline goes missing. The Super Mystery Solvers (or the SMS gang) made up of nine-year-old twins Aditya and Akriti and their close friend Kabir are on a mission to solve the mystery, find the missing cat and help India win the match.

Divya Thomas and Ruchi Shah – I Am So Much More Than The Colour Of My Skin

I Am So Much More Than The Colour Of My Skin is a delightful children’s book written by Divya Thomas and illustrated by Ruchi Shah. The book teaches children to be proud of their skin define their future by their dreams, not their skin; whether they want to be an artist, an athlete, working in technology, the skies are their limit. 

Bijal Vachcharanjani – A Cloud Called Bhura: Climate Champions to the Rescue

Bijal Vachcharanjani’s A Cloud Called Bhura is a children’s book which tells the story of four friends trying to save their city from a very brown and dangerous cloud which takes over the sky. A Cloud Called Bhura is about the global climate crisis and the havoc is can reap but it also offers hope that we can counter this deadly threat to humanity if we come together as a community.

Ritu Vaishnav, Vishnu M Nair – Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue have always been attached to a gender but no more, this book encourage parents and children to break down these stereotypes and allow children to like what they like and be who they are.

Various Authors – Flipped

This children’s book is comprised of two different stories with very different themes, if you’re not enjoying one story just flip the book over and try the other!

Pandit Vishnu Sharma – Panchatantra

Written as early as the third century B.C from the Indian subcontinent the Panchatantra is written to enlighten and educate and is enjoyed by children and adults alike.

David Walliams – The Ice Monster

Elsie a 10-year-old orphan from the streets of Victorian London and a 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth bought together for a heroic adventure of a lifetime.

David Walliams – Fing

Another hilarious tale from the King of Children’s fiction. Myrtle Meeks has EVERYTHING but she still wants one more Fing.

Ross Welford – Into the Sideways World

In this fun and adventurous children’s book – designed for readers aged 10 and up – twelve-year-old friends, Willa and Manny hear about a mysterious animal prowling around their town, and the pair set out to prove that the creature is real. The friends are swept into an alternate world where pollution and conflict are a thing of the past but without proof of the Sideways world and with a war threatening to erupt in their own world, the pair are in a race against time to get proof of their discovery.

E.B. White – Charlotte’s Web

E.B. White’s classic children’s book, Charlotte’s Web is a tale of friendship, bravery and animal magic. Wilbur the Pig is saved once by a young girl named Fern’s love and then again by an ingenious talking spider called Charlotte A. Cavatica and her webs which express her feelings for Wilbur.

Jacqueline Wilson – My Mum Tracy Beaker

Best-selling children’s author, Jacqueline Wilson, returns to the much-loved but raucous character of care kid, Tracy Beaker, now grown up with her own child, Jess, a heroine and struggling single parent in one.

Aayush – Toppers

In the quest for the coveted spot of Head Scholar at the elite school of Woodsville to get this spot manipulation and lies are used and sides are taken, but one thing can’t be forgotten; there’s always someone better!

Carol Rifka Brunt – Tell the Wolves I’m Home

June Elbus, a fourteen year old girl can only be herself around her uncle, godfather and best friend Finn Weiss. When Finn passes away at a young age from an illness her mother can’t bring herself to talk about, June’s world is turned upside down.

Ankit Chadha – Amir Khusrau: The Man in Riddles

Can you unravel the mystery concealed within the words? Perfect for children and adults this book will get your mind working as well as inform and entertain.

Juno Dawson – Proud

A collection of brilliantly written short stories, poetry, and stunning artwork a variety of talented LGBTQ+ authors and artists all on the topic of pride in their community.

Deborah Ellis – Mud City

Shauzia has escaped the misery of life in Kabul but ended up in a refugee camp in Pakistan, determined to make her way in life she takes a drastic step, leaving the camp she heads to the streets with her dog Jasper, can she survive the dangerous and terrifying life as a street kid?

Namita Gokhale – Lost in Time Ghatotkacha and the Game of Illusions

Chintamani Dev Gupta’s holiday near Lake Sattal is interrupted when he’s transported through a wormhole and starts an epic adventure.

William Kent Krueger – This Tender Land

An epic tale set in 1932 Minnesota. Odie, Albert, Mose and Emmy flee from the harsh realities of a residential school, steal a canoe and begin their journey sailing down the Missippi. These beautifully drawn characters will stay with you long after the story ends.

Ranjit Lal – The Little Ninja Sparrows

Award winning, Ranjit Lal presents the adventures of two runaway baby sparrows. After being traumatised by the bullying from their older siblings, Chiddy and Gouri refuse to learn how to fly. Instead, they runaway.

Jack London – Call of the Wild

St Bernard cross Scotch Collie Buck was a much-loved pet, stolen from his owner he begins a journey that leads him to Canada, where he is sold into “Sled Dog Slavery”. London’s short novel follows Buck’s adventures in the extremes of Yukon, during the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush.

Nayanika Mahtani – The Gory Story of Genghis Khan

A military genius and a bloodthirsty tyrant, Genghas Khan introduced , a sophisticated spy network, gunpowder, compasses and wiped out a significant percentage of the world’s population.

Michael Morpurgo – Private Peaceful

Private Thomas Peaceful follows his brother to war even though he is too young to enlist, now he spends the night thinking about the people left behind.

Devdutt Pattanaik – The Boys Who Fought

The retelling of the Mahabharata written for a new generation of readers in this charmingly illustrated book.

Ruta Sepetys – The Fountains of Silence

In Ruta Sepetys’ latest work of historical fiction, you will be transported to Madrid in 1957 during General Franco’s dictatorship. This is the heartwrenching and moving story of Daniel on vacation and local girl Ana, who meet in the sunshine during this dark period of Spanish history.

Flora Annie Steel – The Adventures of Prince Akbar

While his father is far away Price Akbar has many adventures with his companions, a fierce black sheepdog and a clever snow white cat.

Various – The Puffin Book of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Dive into the Hindu mythology and find out fun facts about the gods and goddesses, from epic battles and nasty monsters to divine divas and silly arguments all will be reviled along with colourful illustrations.

Young Adult

Young Adult – Classics

Tomi Adeyemi – Children of Blood and Bone

Soon to be a major motion picture, Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone is her début novel and the first book in her Legacy of Orisha series. A West-African inspired young adult fantasy novel full of dark magic, vengeful spirits and danger.

Albert Algoud – Blistering Barnacles: A to Z of Captain Haddock

Written by Albert Algoud and illustrated by the much-loved Hergé Captain Haddock made his first appearance alongside Tintin in 1941. Clumsy, accident-prone, and frequently intoxicated this character is known for his colourful exclamations such as Blistering barnacles’ and ‘thundering typhoons’ which are explored in this joyful new book.

Barry Hines – A Kestrel for a Knave

Read our user-submitted book review of Barry Hines’ A Kestrel for a Knave, as reviewed by Reading Addict, Enchanted Reader.

S. E. Hinton – The Outsiders

A gritty, open and honest coming of age novel. PonyBoy the protagonist goes against all the usual stereotypes of an orphaned adolescent. More than 50 years after it was first published, Outsiders is still a classic that should be a must-read for all teenagers.

James Hurst – Scarlet Ibis

When Scarlet and, her brother Red are split up and sent to live with different families, Scarlet knows she’s got to do whatever it takes to get her brother back.

Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird

The classic and instant bestseller, To Kill A Mockingbird shows the depths of human behaviour from innocence to cruelty, hatred to humour. A masterpiece of American literature.

Ursula K Le Guin – A Wizard of Earthsea

Widely regarded as a classic of fantasy and young-adult literature, A wizard of Earthsea tells the story of Ged a mage through his life at a school for wizards on the island.

Michelle Magorian – Goodnight Mister Tom

World war II gives William “Willie” Beech a life away from his domineering, god fearing mother who physically and emotionally abuses him. This new life comes from his temporary guardian “Mister Tom”.

L. M. Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables

The Cuthbert siblings adopt a boy to help around the farm, by mistake they are sent Anne, a talkative, imaginative girl who is eager to please.

Michael Morpurgo – Beowulf

Beowulf takes on the terrifying quest that will lead him to attempt to destroy three murderous monsters.

Wilson Rawls – Where the Red Fern Grows

Billy Colman helps a Redbone Coonhound that is fighting with some neighbourhood dogs and after nursing it to health set it free but from then on Billy wants two coonhounds of his own.

Markus Zusak – The Book Thief

Despite world war 2 going on around them Hans Hubermann teaches his foster child Liesel to read, wanting more to read leads Liesel to collect the books the Nazis are looking to destroy.

Young Adult

Young Adult – Contemporary

Paro Anand – The Other

As adults we frequently say childhood and teenage years are the best but in reality have we just forgotten the heartache and challenges our youthful days incurred?

Dean Atta – Black Flamingo

The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta is a bold and fierce Young Adult novel that explores gender, sexuality, expression, race, and identity in a story about a young, mixed-race boy who expresses himself with drag. With stunning illustrations by gender-fluid artist, Anshika Khullar.

Fredrik Backman – Beartown

For the residents of Beartown the belief that tomorrow will be better than today rests upon the shoulders of a junior ice hockey team that are about to compete in the national semi-finals.

Fredrik Backman – Us Against You

The second book in the Beartown series. This time the residents of Beartown are struck another blow when they learn their hockey team will be disbanded.

Anjana Basu – Leopard in the Laboratory

With the forest trees being cut down the leopard is heading closer to conflict with the villagers, but as someone poisons the leopard’s kill in the hope of poisoning the leopard, Carpet Sahib and friends attempt to rescue the big cat.

Robin Benway – Emmy & Oliver

Oliver and Emmy planned to be best friends forever that was until Oliver’s kidnapping, now that Oliver has returned to his hometown can he and Emmy re-gain the relationship they once had?

Jeanne Betancourt – Ready, Shoot, Score

The Claymore Middle School cheerleading squad are in for a roller coaster with the upcoming regional cheer USA competition coming up in Miami. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Malorie Blackman – Crossfire

Crossfire is the much-anticipated fifth book in Malorie Blackman’s Nought and Crosses series. Inspired by Brexit, Trump and the rise of the far right in Europe, Malorie Blackman’s Crossfire returns readers to the alternative Noughts and Crosses history and sees the return of some familiar faces, and some new ones in a tale about social inclusion, race relations and prejudice.

Malorie Blackman – Endgame

Endgame is the final book in Malorie Blackman’s groundbreaking Noughts and Crosses series. A breathtaking conclusion to the series which chartered the forbidden romance of Sephy (a Cross) and Callum (a Nought), and the repercussions of their love affair as it echos down the generations.

Libba Bray – Beauty Queens

Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens is a novel written by the Printz Award-winning author. Telling the story of a group of beauty queens stuck on an island following a beauty contest, this Lord of the Flies-like story sees the girls spiral into a fierce and feral competition as their savage brutality surfaces.

Hannah Capin – Foul is Fair

Hannah Capin’s Foul is Fair is a young adult novel for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. A dark, twisted and modern re-telling of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Foul is Fair follows Jade as she takes her revenge following a sexual assault. Foul is Fair is a novel that is gripping, thrilling and chilling in equal measure, in a true homage to Shakespeare’s original material.

Zuni Chopra – The House that Spoke

Fourteen year old Zoon Razden has a deep connection with magic, the house she lives in also has a connection to magic along with everything inside, and when a dark power returns to the house Zoon must retake her place as the Guardian of her home.

Rachel Cohn and David Levithan – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Seeing his ex girlfriend, Nick turns to the girl next to him (Norah) and asks her to be his girlfriend for five minutes, what follows is an all night adventure.

Irving Crump – Boy Scout Stories

Boy scout stories is a collection of stories, first published in “Boy’s Life Magazine” in 1948 became Teen Age Boy Scout Stories and then re-published as Boy Scout Stories in 1964.

Sean Desmond – Sophomores

Sean Desmond’s Sophomore’s is a young adult novel set in the late 1980s following one boy’s unforgettable sophomore year at school, and his parents’ story alongside him. In the fall of 1987, normal life is about to end for the Malone family as they reach a breaking point. Father, Pat is faced with an MS diagnosis and has fallen into an alcoholic pool. Meanwhile, his wife devoutly Catholic wife, Anne, is selected as a juror on a murder trial which forces her to consider questions about God and men in power which she has long buried. Together they are also trying to raise their son Dan who, for once, is no longer able to fly under the radar.

Abbie Emmons – 100 Days of Sunlight

Tessa is a writer and blogger who is terrified her vision won’t return and can’t imagine being happy again, Winston is a typist and determined to prove her wrong but he’s keeping one thing a secret… his disability.

Natália Gomes – We Are Not Okay

Natália Gomes’ We Are Not Okay is a young adult novel dedicated to the numerous charities and campaigns that support how we tackle and speak out on issues of bullying, sexual assault, mental health and feminism. The book tells the tale of four teenage girls growing up in Scotland, whose stories vary but whose paths cross. All four girls depict four voices, who all feel unheard and voiceless. We Are Not Okay is a heartbreaking and cautionary tale of consent, victim-blaming, bullying and mental health, and the importance of speaking up, listening to people and being compassionate. 

Camryn Garrett – Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure is Camryn Garrett’s début novel and it tells the story of Simone, an HIV-positive teenager who won’t let her status define her. Full Disclosure is a brave, eye-opening and honest exposure of what it’s like to live with HIV. A brilliant, YA novel, Full Disclosure is a funny, romantic and hopeful coming-of-age novel which successfully tackles discrimination, prejudice and stigma with its feminist, diverse and intersectional story and cast of characters

Sarah Govett – India Smythe Stands Up

A brilliant and funny young adult novel about being yourself, knowing what you like, and standing up for yourself.

John Green – Paper Towns

John Green’s YA novel about about a boy, a girl, some clues and a road trip across America, critically acclaimed and now also a blockbuster movie.

John Green – The Fault in Our Stars

When Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16 year old with thyroid cancer is made to attend a support group, she meets 17 year old Augustus Waters.

John Green – Turtles All the Way Down

A brilliant hybrid of romance, mystery and coming-of-age in TA novel that explores the highs and lows of friendship, love, loss and family, as Aza struggles with her mental health and Davis struggles with the disappearance of his father.

John Green and David Levithan – Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Two writers (John Green and David Levithan), Two Will Graysons, Two separate stories that are about to merge changing the character’s lives forever.

Colleen Hoover – Confess

Owen doesn’t want to lose Auburn, all he needs to do is confess, but that could also be the thing that destroys them.

William Hussey – The Outrage

The Outrage is an LGBTQIA+ young adult novel that imagines a Britain after an ‘Outrage’, the Protectorate enforces the Public good and rights for gay, trans and other LGBT+ rights have been rolled back. A dystopian, thriller, action-packed novel, The Outrage is a gripping tale of love and rebellion.

Kody Keplinger – The Duff

The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) is a YA novel aout growing up, the difficult teenage years and more.

Shappi Khorsandi – Kissing Emma

Shappi Khorsandi’s Kissing Emma is a YA novel and part of the BELLATRIX collection, published by Orion Children’s Books. Kissing Emma is a modern tale inspired by the real-life of Emma Hamilton, Lord Nelson’s lover. This novel follows teenager Emma struggling in a world obsessed with looks, money, class, and status.

Celia Laskey – Under the Rainbow

Celia Laskey’s YA novel Under the Rainbow is a timely and sharp story of the LGBTQIA+ community, prejudices, and acceptance. The American town of Big Burr is named the most homophobic in the country, and a task force of queer activists is sent to live there, unsettling the lives of the locals, bringing truths to the light, and hoping to change ingrained prejudices.

Jenny Lee – Anna K

Jenny Lee’s Anna K is a fresh take on Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Set in New York’s privileged Upper East Side, where the unbelievably rich Anna K is living a life of luxury and beauty with her perfect boyfriend, until that is she meets the notorious playboy Alexi Vronsky, who only has eyes for Anna. Soon, Anna’s perfectly curated life comes crashing down as she can’t just resist Vronsky.

Roopal Rashomani Kewalya – The Little Rainmaker

It’s 2028 and global warming has taken hold, it’s years since it rained and ten year old Anoushka doesn’t believe her grandfather’s stories of rainbows and thunder.

Reif Larsen – The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet

Twelve year old T.S. Spivet heads out on an adventure to reach an award dinner where the Smithsonian Institution are to award him for the maps he creates. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Caitlin Moran – How to Build a Girl

Johanna Morrigan’s life is over after she shames herself on local T.V but as Johanna dies, Dolly Wilde is born and how different she is!

Ann Napolitano – Dear Edward

Ann Napolitano’s Dear Edward is a coming-of-age story about mending broken hearts and learning to love again. One summer morning, a flight crashes and 12-year-old Edward is the only survivor. In the aftermath, Edward struggles with his grief and trying to find his way in the world without his family. Then, Edward and his neighbour discover a pile of letters from the relatives of the other passengers, all addressed to him. Edward starts considering what it means to not just survive but to truly live.

Jandy Nelson – I’ll Give You The Sun

Noah and Jude are twins and have a very close relationship until a tragedy pushes them apart, can they regain the relationship they once had?

Devdutt Pattanaik – The Girl Who Chose

The choices we make in our day to day lives have a knock on effect that and we must accept the consequences that unfold from those choices.

Aaditya Raj – Alex Drake and Friends: Wasor Island

Aaditya Raj’s Alex Drake and Friends: Wasor Island is a YA novel which, as the title suggests, follows Alex and his friends Lester and Angelina whose leisure trip to Japan is interupted by a plan crash. The trio are then stranded on a peculiar island haunted by a curse. They can cure the place if complete a series of deadly challenges.

Sowmya Rajendran – The Dog Who Wanted More & The Ghost Who Wasn’t There

In the Dog who wanted More a gang made up of three boys and one girl, but without a dog the gang just isn’t cool, so they decide to resolve this situation but kidnapping one!

Randy Ribay – Patron Saints of Nothing 

Jay’s last semester of senior year takes a course change Jun his Filipino cousin is murdered, Jay travels to the Philippines to uncover the real story behind his cousin’s death.

Nikesh Shukla – The One Who Wrote Destiny

Nikesh Shukla’s The One Who Wrote Destiny spans the lives of three generations of a Gujarathi family and traverses the globe in a beautifully written exploration of identity, family history, discrimination, politics, feminism and, of course, destiny.

Julie Starr – Magic To Memphis

Jessie’s intentions of competing in a music contest in Memphis become a fight for survival after receiving a box of her dad’s possessions.

Ayesha Tariq – Sarah

Sarah is an obedient Pakistani daughter and bottles up her anger, but as the bottle reaches its capacity can she keep the cap on her emotions.

Angie Thomas – Concrete Rose

Angie Thomas, the best-selling author of The Hate U Give, returns to Garden Heights with her latest novel. Concrete Rose in the prequel to The Hate U Give, telling the story of Maverick who suddenly has a baby depending on him. Being a member of the King Lord street gang is in Maverick’s blood so walking away isn’t simple but Maverick wants to change his path and be a good father to his son.

Angie Thomas – The Hate U Give

A brilliantly powerful debut novel reflecting the harsh reality of racism, prejudice and police brutality in America. Thomas highlights the importance of using your voice and shouting out until justice prevails.

Angie Thomas – On the Come Up

From the bestselling author of The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas’ On the Come Up is her rebuttal to attempts to ban her first novel. A story of rap music, stereotyping, racism, prejudice, using your voice, and censorship.

Leah Thomas – Because You’ll never Meet Me

Oliver, with his allergy to electricity and Moritz who among other disabilities has a pacemaker, through letters these two become friends but with it comes the wish to get more from life.

Siobhan Vivian – The List

Two girls from each year are chosen, their names are on a list of the prettiest and ugliest in their year, how will this change the way they see themselves?

Young Adult

Young Adult – Fantasy

Lloyd Alexander – The Chronicles of Prydain

Taran, the assistant pig-keeper wants to be a hero and he is certainly going to get his chance as he becomes involved in an epic struggle between good and evil that threatens Prydain.

Stephen Alter – The Cloudfarers

As Kip comes to terms with his awful military style school, he makes friends. However, Kip’s friends hold a terrible secret: They are cloudfarers, a lost tribe from another planet.

Melissa Bashardoust – Girl, Serpent, Thorn

From the author of Girls Made of Snow and Glass, Melissa Bashardoust’s Girl, Serpent, Thorn is a captivating novel about a girl cursed to be poisonous to the touch. An original novel full of complex female characters and twisting narrative, Girl, Serpent, Thorn is an enchanting Persian-inspired fairy-tale.

Marcus Breathnach – Were Inc

A search team gets more than they bargain for when arriving in Eiru, Vampires and Werewolves are just a few of the dangers they face on their mission to restore power.

Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is one of 24 tributes to enter the hunger games in a fight to the death, even the environment is against the competitors.

Suzanne Collins – Catching Fire

Katniss tries to put her life back together, but after a visit from President Snow it’s clear there are repercussions to her actions within the game. Contains Spoilers!

Suzanne Collins – Mockingjay

Katniss is no longer within the confines of the hunger games, but the fight for survival is far from over. Contains Spoilers!

Melanie Dickerson – The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest

Odette is out poaching the Margrave’s game to feed the poor, but Jorgen is set the task of finding and capturing the poacher, are her nights as a notorious poacher numbered?

Meg Elison – Find Layla

Meg Elison’s Find Layla is a coming-of-age novel about a neglected girl’s chaotic life. 14-year-old Layla just wants to indulge in her love of science, protect her younger brother, steer clear of her unstable mother and avoid the mean girls who tweet about her appearance. When the school competition calls for the biome, Layla captures her secret shame, the mushrooms growing in her brother’s drawers and the black mould on the apartment walls. The video goes viral and Child Protective Services come to call, ripping Layla from her family. Defiant, Layla must now face bullies and friends alike all on her own.

Stephanie Garber – Caraval

Scarlett dreams of seeing Caraval, the once-a-year performance where the audience participates in the show , but when she and her sister finally get to go, they get more than they bargained for!

Sarah Govett – The Territory

In a flooded world with dwindling resources Noa must take the TAA exam, anyone who fails gets sent to the Wetland and a life of misery, if not death.

Sarah Govett – The Territory: Escape

A mission is on the way to head to the Wetlands and rescue a childhood friend it seems impossible to get in let alone getting home again.

Shazaf Fatima Haider – A Firefly in the Dark

An unexpected tragedy turns Sharmeen’s life upside down and she hates her new life, but soon she realises it’s all up to her and she needs to rescue the adults in her life.

J. S. Harris – Kingsblood

Pax and her friends take a ride up the holy mountain one last time before joining the peace council and end up on an adventure that could change the world!

C.S. Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia

Sent to the countryside to wait out the war four children find their way into a magical world through a wardrobe and find their own battle to fight.

Kerri Maniscalco – Kingdom of the Wicked

Kerri Maniscalco’s Kingdom of the Wicked is a new series from the New York Times Bestselling author of Stalking Jack the Ripper. Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria are witches who live amongst humans in secret. When Emilia finds her sister brutally murdered she sets out to find the killer in a quest for vengeance. Along the way, she meets Wrath, one of the Wicked-princes of hell that she was warned about in childhood tales. Wrath claims to be on Emilia’s side but nothing is truly as it seems when it comes to Wicked. 

Stephenie Meyer – Twilight, Eclipse

Once again Bella finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob.

Sudha Murty – The Serpent’s Revenge

Author Sudha Murty reintroduces the fascinating world of India’s greatest epic “The Mahabharata” through the extraordinary tales in this collection.

Patrick Ness Illustrated by Rovina Cai – And The Ocean Was Our Sky

The whales of Bathsheba’s pod live for the hunt, fighting in the war against the world of men. When they attack a ship bobbing on the surface of the Abyss, they expect to find easy prey. Instead, they find the trail of a myth and perhaps the devil himself.

Christopher Paolini – The Fork the Witch and the Worm

Eragon departed Alagaësia to train a new generation of Dragon Riders a year has passed and he is struggling with endless tasks but a much-needed distraction and a new perspective is around the corner.

Akshaya Raman – The Ivory Key

Akshaya Raman’s The Ivory Key is the first book in a duopoly series. In this epic and fierce Indian fantasy novel for teenagers and young adults, Vira is desperate to get out of her mother’s shadow and fulfill her destiny as queen of Ashoka but her land is running out of a precious resource, magic. On the brink of conflict, Vira must protect her people, and her only hope is finding an object of legend and mystery, an ivory key.

Angie Sage – Maximillian Fly

Angie Sage’s Maximillian Fly is a brilliant and darkly funny novel about a gentle human with cockroach features. Others may be scared of him but he only wants to help so when two children come searching for somewhere to hide, he opens his door to them upending his life as the children try to escape from an oppressive governing power.

Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar – Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire

A family rescues a creature from a raging storm but is it a bird, a bat, a chameleon, or something new? Did this strange creature really fall from the sky?

Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

After finding out he’s the descendant of a Greek god, Percy sets out on an adventure to retrieve Zeus’ lightning bolt, a weapon of mass destruction.

Rick Riordan – The Son of Neptune

Here Alan, aged 9 reviews the second book in the Heroes of Olympus YA series, The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan.

Rick Riordan – Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase, a homeless boy finds out that he is the son of a Norse god, but great danger comes with this revelation.

Rick Riordan – Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

Thor’s hammer has fallen into enemy hands, with the mortal worlds defenceless, Magnus Chase will have to go to the gods’ worst enemy for help, but will the price form help be too high to pay.

Rick Riordan – Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead

Magnus and friends are in a desperate race to stop Loki’s plan to sail the ship of the dead against the Norse gods but he must find a different way to defeat Loki.

Rick Riordan – The Hidden Oracle

As punishment for angering his father Apollo is cast down to New York City. With so many enemies and no powers to protect him Apollo must head to the only safe place on earth, Camp Half Blood.

Rick Riordan – The Dark Prophecy

Cast down to Earth in the form of a teenage boy Apollo and his companions seek out the ancient oracles to reclaim his place on Mount Olympus.

Rick Riordan – The Burning Maze

Weak and disorientated, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus after angering his father Zeus . Landing in New York City as a regular teenage boy. Now, without his godly powers.

Rick Riordan – The Tyrant’s Tomb

The fourth story is Rick Riordan’s epic “The Trials of Apollo” series. Journey with former God Apollo to Camp Jupiter in San Francisco. Will Apollo ever reclaim his powers and return to the home of The Gods, Mount Olympus.

Ashley and Leslie Saunders – The Rule Of One

Identical twins Ava and Mira have been sharing one life due to the ruthless enforcement of a one child policy, as their charade is exposed their lives a fugitives begin, how far will they go to stay alive?

Margaret Stohl – Black Widow: Forever Red

Natasha Romanoff is one of the world’s most lethal assassins must reconnect with Ava Orlova to hunt down her former teacher and search for the children that have been going missing from all over Eastern Europe.

Margaret Stohl – Black Widow: Red Vengeance

As the Widows search South America to extinguish a smuggling operation their own organisation The Red Room attempt to assassinate them both.

Young Adult

Young Adult – Fantasy – Magic

Anne Eliot Crompton – Merlin’s Harp

Take a look into the world of the Fey through the eyes of Nivienne, the daughter of the lady of the lake, set in the time of Merlin and Arthur. Contains spoilers.

Charlie Fletcher – Stoneheart

The first in the trilogy by Charlie Fletcher, Stoneheart is young-adult fantasy magic, guaranteed to take you on a wonderful journey!

Richard Ford – Quest for the Faradawn

Described as a cross between Watership Down and Lord of the Rings by our reviewer, Lee Bridge, Quest for the Faradawn is a fantasy adventure for all ages.

Cornelia Funke – Inkheart

Inkheart, the first in the trilogy is a magical tale for book lovers, full of wonder, awe and quotable paragraphs. Although a young adult trilogy, this adult reviewer thoroughly loved it.

Cornelia Funke – Inkspell

Dustfinger was created by words and wants to return to the book of his past, but with his friends following they could find the story changing in ways none could have predicted.

Aaron Galvin – Salem’s Fury

Salem’s Fury is the second in the young adult Vengeance Trilogy by Aaron Galvin. Reviewed and loved here by Makenzie Allred, aged 12.

Alwyn Hamilton – Rebel of the Sands

Amani can’t wait to escape Dustwalk but she never envisioned galloping away on a mythical horse with a fugitive and an army chasing them but that’s just the beginning of her story.

Alwyn Hamilton – Traitor to the Throne

Amani finds herself alone and as a prisoner of the enemy, but she’s determined to uncover the Sultan’s secrets in order to bring him down, but with her spending so much time in the palace she begins to question who the threat is to her homeland.

C. C. Hogan – Dirt

With his younger sister kidnapped, Johnson Farthing must set out to save his sister, with the help of a sea dragon and a magician will he manage to rescue his sister?

Anthony Horowitz – Myths And Legends

It’s the Second World War and the Germans are bombing London and Plymouth, they’ve killed thousands and everyone hates them, especially David as they killed his father.

E.K. Johnston – A Thousand Nights

In order to save her sister from the marriage to Lo-Melkhiin and certain death she sacrifices herself, through the magic of stories told to Lo-Melkhiin can she keep herself alive in a place so many others have periled?

Alethea Kontis – Dearest

Friday’s love for Tristan sets her on a quest that could save not just him, but also his six brothers, from a curse that keeps them in swan form by day.

Kim Liggett – The Grace Year

The Grace Year, a deeply harrowing tale of a patriarchal dystopia. At 16 all girls are banished to rid themselves of their dangerous magic before they may return to marry. A darkly haunting and riveting story of female repression and survival.

Realm Lovejoy – Henge (Le Fay book 1)

Henge is the first in a new young adult series of novels, Le Fay, mixing Arthurian legends with a modern plot for a wonderful fantasy adventure.

Shelby Mahurin – Serpent and Dove

Shelby Mauhurin’s debut novel is the first of a duology which will leave you longing for the sequel. In a fantasy world of dark magical forces and powerful women Louise Le Blanc is a witch who renounces her powers. But these witches are feared hunted down and burned.

Danielle Paige – Dorothy Must Die

Danielle Page’s take on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Dorothy Must Die, as reviewed by Reading Addict, Bookworm Bird.

Philip Pullman – Northern Lights

With Lyra’s friend Roger missing she and her daemon, Pantalaimon set out to find him, this quest will lead them to the North and a epic adventure.

Philip Pullman – The Subtle Knife

Will and Lyra are both searching for something when they find each other but neither knows how intertwined their lives are until they’re spit apart.

J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potters very unremarkable life consists of living in a cupboard under the stairs, until a letter addressed to Harry arrives inviting him to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry potter returns to Hogwarts for his second year, when messages start appearing regarding the Chamber of Secrets, Harry finds himself in the middle of another adventure.

J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Sirius Black has escaped the prison of Azkaban, with Dementors guarding Hogwarts will he really be heading for the school? Contains Spoilers.

J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Hogwarts are hosting the Triwizard Tournament for wizards aged 17 and over, who will be the lucky few to compete?

J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Dolores Umbridge, senior undersecretary to the minister of Magic takes over as the new defence against the dark arts, but many more changes will be following at Hogwarts this year!

J K Rowling – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Draco is given a mission by Voldemont, but his mother goes to Severus Snape and makes an unbreakable vow to assist and protect her son, but what will that really mean for Severus?

J K Rowling – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The time has come for Harry to finish the battle set out for him on the night of his parents death, but before he goes up against Voldemort he must find the remaining horcruxes.

J. K. Rowling / Jack Thorne – Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

As Harry juggles his overworked job within the Ministry of Magic, being a father of three and a husband his youngest son Albus struggles with the weight of the Potter family legacy.

J K Rowling – Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Magizoologist Newt Scamander’s stay in New York should be just a brief stopover, but when he misplaces his case and magical beasts escape he must recapture them or there will be trouble for everyone.

Jeremy Scott – The Ables

When Phillip’s dad sat him down for a talk he expected the sex talk, but to his surprise his father told him of his inherited power of telekinesis and his enrolment into superhero high school.

Cate Tiernan – Balefire

With her father’s death Thais gets thrown into the world of witchcraft with the revelation she has a twin sister.

Young Adult

Young Adult – Fantasy – Paranormal

Marta Acosta – Dark Companion

A review of the Gothic adventure, Dark Companion, a young adult fantasy novel by Marta Acosta. Be aware that this review contains some spoilers.

Jodi Lynn Anderson – The Moment Collector

The Moment Collector follows the story of 16-year-old, homeschooled Maggie who moves to an isolated town from Chicago. Described as a thrilling pageturner reminiscent of The Lovely Bones.

Jennifer L. Armentrout – Obsidian

Obsidian is the first in the Lux series of novels, a YA fantasy adventure series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Be aware that this review contains spoilers.

Jennifer L. Armentrout – Opposition

Read book 5, the conclusion in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Reviewed by Muskan Sehgal. Be aware that this review contains spoilers.

Karishma Attari – I See You: Karma Will Find You

Alia Khanna’s wish to have a simple life is in jeopardy when a malevolent child ghost from her past raises its head.

Leigh Bardugo – Shadow and Bone

Alina gets thrown into the lavish world of the Grisha, a magical elite let by the Darkling but does she really belong? Reviewed by Kath Cross.

Leigh Bardugo – Siege and Storm

SPOILER ALERT! Can Alina escape her past, her destiny and live a unfamiliar life with Mal? Review by Kath Cross.

Leigh Bardugo – Ruin & Rising

SPOILER ALERT! The Grisha trilogy comes to an epic end, can Alina find the last Morozova’s amplifier before the Darkling?

Leigh Bardugo – Six Of Crows

From the Grisha world, in the criminal underbelly comes a story of a heist and the grouping together of some unlikely characters with the world up for grabs or its demise.

Heather Dyer – The Boy in the Biscuit Tin

Ibby doesn’t believe in magic until her cousins find a old box of magic tricks which leads to one of them miniaturised and sitting at the bottom of a biscuit tin.

Alison Goodman – Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club

As Lady Helen steps into the court of Queen Charlotte she also steps into the dark world of missing housemaids and demonic conspiracies.

Lauren Kate – Fallen

The first of the Fallen series brings a captivating look into the mysterious world that Luce lives in, and the troubles she faces.

Kavitha Mandana – Trapped

For inseparable twins, Aditi and Arjun music is everything, they are part of a band and have a music video that has gone viral but it’s not all down to their talent, they have a ghostwriter, a brother no one can see.

Jonathan Stroud – The Lockwood & Co. Series

For years London’s streets at night have become the playground for ghosts, can the ghost hunters, Lockwood and co stop these paranormal creatures and save the city?

Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is the first in the YA fantasy trilogy of the same name with magic between the pages. Award winning, but lacking depth according to our reviewer.

Young Adult

Young Adult – Mystery

Manisha Anand – Assassin Nuns & the Pirates of Peppercorn Bay

Ann and the Assassin Nuns take a well deserved break from protecting the sleepy town of Pistachio and head over to the seemingly action free Peppercorn Bay, but the Bay has a history that the heroes can’t ignore.

Sunil Gangopadhyay – The Adventures of Kakababu

The first of a series of stories about former director of The Archaeological Survey of India, Kakababu, adventurer, second-hand book lover, and amputee.

John Green – Looking for Alaska

A review of John Green’s debut novel, Looking for Alaska. A tale of childhood, growing up, good friends and a good dose of teenage angst.

Mark Haddon – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

When Christopher Boone, a Fifteen year old with Asperger’s Syndrome discovers a dead dog on a neighbour’s lawn his love of Sherlock Holmes compels him to solve the mystery.

Patrice Lawrence – Orangeboy

Orangeboy by Patrice Lawrence is a gripping, young adult crime thriller novel which introduces readers to sixteen-year-old Marlon and Mr Orange. Marlon is staying faithful to the promise to his mother not to follow his brother’s wrong path. That is until he finds himself being hunted, they want to find Mr Orange and they’re using Marlon to get to him. Marlon might have to become the person he never wanted to be to protect the people he loves.

Lisa Lutz – The Spellman Files

Being a member of the Spellman family means being part of Spellman Investigations and invading people’s privacy especially other members of the family’s, but when Izzy wants out of the company she’s given an impossible case to solve first.

Christina Meldrum – Madapple

The unforgettable story of Aslaug’s life changing from near isolation, to being the main suspect in her mother’s death. No spoiler review by Teresa M.

Shabnam Minawalla – Murder at Daisy Apartments

Shabnam Minawalla’s Murder at Daisy Apartments is a mystery novel set during the Coronavirus lockdown when Baman Marker is found poisoned in her home and dies. The murderer can only be one of the residents. The news soon pulls fifteen-year-old Nandini Venkat, a teenager who devours murder mysteries, from her bubble as she begins to remember details such as the legs she saw climbing up and down the stairs. She enlists the help of her twin and best friend to begin an investigation into the murder but the list of suspects is long because Baman, the Chairperson of the apartments, knew everyone’s dirty little secrets.

Pika Nani – The Adventures of Shrilok Homeless

For Shrilok and Rohan cracking the most bizarre cases and getting their suspect is never a problem, but will Shrilok be a match for his nemesis, Masterji.

Sally Nicholls – An Island of Our Own

Sally Nicholls is the Waterstone’s Children’s Prize winner and according to our reviewer, the teen novel An Island of Our Own does not disappoint.

Young Adult

Young Adult – Science Fiction

Stefan Bachmann – The Peculiar

In an Alternate world where Fae walk the earth, a war between humans and faeries is imminent, but when you are born half human, half Fae where is your place in the world. Contains Spoilers.

Ilsa J Bick – The Ashes Trilogy

The Ashes Trilogy is a thrilling collection of post-apocalyptic literary tales by Ilsa J Bick. Read our member-submitted review here.

Gail Carriger – Waistcoats and Weaponry

Sidheag is heading home with Sophronia and gang who are going along for the ride in this award winning steam punk fiction.

Aimee Carter – Pawn

Our reviewer says that if you love the Hunger Games, you’ll love Pawn by Aimee Carter! Would you give anything to be a VII? Be aware this review contains some spoilers.

Ernest Cline – Ready Player One

In this bleak world millions plug into the virtual world of “Oasis”. The late creator James Halliday hide three eggs within the Oasis, giving the finder complete ownership of all his fortune including the Oasis itself.

Ernest Cline – Ready Player Two

Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline is the hotly anticipated sequel to Ready Player One, delving back into the world of OASIS. An unexpected quest means two worlds are at stake. Are you ready player two?

Sarah Crossan – Resist

After starting a rebellion, Bea, Alina and Quinn are thrown out of the pod which is one of the only paces with oxygen. The three must travel to Sequoia, a base of resistance but with a special Forces operative pursuing them.

Michael Grant – Gone

A 6-part series of dystopian horror novels for a younger audience, starting with the title novel, Gone. As reviewed and loved by Jordan Corgatelli, aged 16.

Francesca Haig – Fire Sermon

Hundreds of years after a nuclear apocalypse only twins are born, one Omega who are oppressed and the other Alpha, treated so different they have one thing in common, they come into the world together and they leave together.

R. A. Hakok – Among Wolves

Gabriel has spent the last ten years living in a bunker as the world outside recovers, but when out foraging for supplies Gabriel finds something that starts a chain reaction of dangerous consequences.

Johan Harstad – 172 Hours On The Moon

Forty years after NASA sent the first men to the moon the world are buzzing as a historic international lottery takes place to send three lucky teenagers into space but what will be waiting in space  for the winners.

Daniel Keyes – Flowers for Algernon

Charlie Gordon’s IQ was 68 before getting a experimental operation, now his intellect has surpassed the doctor who treated him but when the mouse from the first trial determinates and dies it’s only a matter of time before he has the same fate.

Lois Lowry – The Giver

Twelve year old Jonas’s world is given new sight when he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory.

Gary Meehan – True Fire

True Fire is the first novel in the ‘True’ trilogy by Gary Meehan, perfect fantasy according to regular reviewer, Shan Williams.

Manjiri Prabhu – The Revolt of the Lamebren

Imagine being born with an expiry date. That’s the reality for Zinnia, one of the Lamebren in the first book of the Super-Dome Chronicles.

Philip Reeve – Mortal Engines Quartet

In this futuristic, desolate world, cities move around searching for smaller cities and towns to eat. No spoiler review by Krishnaa.

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller – Otherworld

In Otherworld, New York Times bestselling authors Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller imagine a world where you can leave your body behind in order to give in to your greatest desires. Otherworld is the first book in the fast-paced YA thriller series, Last Reality, which plunges readers into a virtual reality game so addictive you will never want to leave.

Neal Shusterman – Unwind

Parents/Guardians have the right to sign their 13-18 year old to be unwound. Conner, Risa and Lev are all destined for such a procedure, which involves having all their organs transplanted into other people.

Neal Shusterman – Unwholly

The way people think about unwinding is changing, but with the demand so great will this practice still continue?

Neal Shusterman – Unsouled

The mission continues, to put a stop to unwinding forever, while others just want revenge for what was done to them. Will any of them get their wish?

Nancy Springer – The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan: An Enola Holmes Mystery

Nancy Springer’s The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan is the fourth in her Enola Holmes Mystery series which inspired the Netflix film starring Millie Bobby Brown. In The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan, Enola Holmes has been on the run for 8 months but during a chance encounter with an old acquaintance, Lady Cecily, Enola realizes that there is more to Lady Cecily’s plight than meets the eye when she leaves a plea for help in the form of a pink fan. Enola is forced to risk her freedom and team up with Sherlock Holmes to save Lady Cecily.

Karen Thompson Walker – The Dreamers

Don’t miss this harrowing yet riveting and profoundly moving tale of a town which is transformed by an illness which induces perpetual sleep and heightened dreams.

Ross Welford – The Dog Who Saved the World

Georgie and Ramzy stumble into an adventure which all starts when they meet the eccentric retired scientist Dr Emilia Pretorius.

Beth Worsdell – Earths Angels

Humans and angels are on an important mission to save our planet and prepare for battle in this epic, magical and futuristic YA novel.