“Christian fiction with an uplifting message, River Rising is set in Mississippi, 1927.”



Pilotville, Louisiana is a small Mississippi river village nestled back in the swamps.

This is where Hale Poser, a blue eyed stranger with a limp, begins the search for his parents. But what he finds in the small town is a mystery. Why are babies disappearing from their cribs?

Hale arrives in Pilotville in 1927 and takes a job in the Negro Infirmary. When a baby disappears Hale spends days on end searching the swamp for the infant girl. In the middle of his search he finds that the mystery goes back years and years.

As his search for Baby Hannah continues he finds himself in a world completely different from the one he just left and at the center of yet another mystery.

River Rising is categorized as Christian Fiction. If this is not a normal go-to genre for you do not let the fact that it says Inspirational Fiction on the cover deter you from picking it up. It is not preachy. It is thought provoking if you let it be, but not filled with sermons. The characters are believable and I grew fond of them. The parts where faith comes into play are very believable if you keep in mind the time, location and circumstances the characters are dealing with.

This is very well written. There is a flow to Dickson’s words that mimic the meandering of the bayous off the Mississippi where Pilotville lays. His words flow and the narrator speaks with great ease.

This was a beautiful read. A new favorite for me. It was well written, the plot was well but together (there were a couple of stretches but nothing that bothered me too much) and wrapped up nicely. The choice of narrator for the audio book was perfect. I became completely immersed in the story of Rev. Poser and the mysteries surrounding Pilotville and I was sad to see the story end.

This is definitely a new favorite for me and I will be recommending it to many people. I’m looking forward to picking up more by this author. River Rising rates a 5 on my bookometer. Can’t get any better than that!


Reviewed by:

Teresa M

Added 27th May 2015

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