“Excellent History Book and well worth reading even if one thinks there is no more to learn.”



I’ve read a number of books that have focused on the War for Independence or American Revolution and so I debated on reading this one. I’m glad that I did because it does not pertain to certain parts or certain people but as a complete work.

The reader follows the reasons for breaking with England or in the beginning wanting to be recognized as not mere colonists but citizens of England with the same rights as subjects regardless of location.

There are always two sides to every story and the book gives the reader both of them, so we find ourselves in England with the King and government debating about the colonists and also the colonists debating whether or not to break with England.

The King refused to acknowledge the “olive branch” and declared war on the colonies and once The Declaration of Independence was signed there was no going back… Victory or Death.

As we follow the war, some of the battle scenes as described are horrific and I find myself flinching… the carnage was unbelievable. With stakes so high is it any wonder that choosing sides was so difficult and painful as many friends and families would forever be divided.

Men like Brig. General Francis Marion “The Swamp Fox”. John Paul Jones, Baron von Stueben, Lafayette as well as many more and how they helped America win the war are features of the book.

Excellent History Book and well worth reading even if one thinks there is no more to learn.

Highly recommend, well researched and written.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 15th February 2018

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