“This rollicking look at national leaders, politicians and celebrities in the form of a witty, humorous and satirical narrative poem will make you chuckle.”



It’s not often that you’ll find a narrative poem these days, and not often that you’ll find a narrative poem as amusing and as entertaining as this. Yes, The Adventures of George, all 38,606 words of it, is a story told completely in rhyming verse. But it’s not written in the turgid style of past years but is funny, satirical and entirely original.

George, the hero of this story, works as a chef in an exclusive New York club, and, under him, has five cooks. From the descriptions given, the alert reader will notice that all these characters resemble real-life people from both the present and the past.

There’s never a dull moment as George and his crew experience adventure after adventure involving characters such as Mustafa bin Maden, Didi Damin, Borrock Sobama, Stavros Onassos and many more, with the story taking a humorous and satirical look at well-known figures and national and international events of the recent past. To give you an idea how the story goes, here are a few lines –

He glanced around – “That man over there,
That his intellect is powerful is very clear,
And in his features are wit and sagacity.”
Said George, “that’s the author Sir Solomon Pushdee.”

The Adventures of George is easy to read, fast-paced, original and well-worth reading.



Reviewed by:

Roderick Macdonald

Added 10th March 2016