“Ellis is, first and last, a moralist. Under cover of his laconic voice, every word in his [novels] springs from grieving outrage at our spiritual condition.”



It’s never easy for me to share thoughts on any of Ellis’ novels. Anything his characters say or do is like a challenge.

It’s like they stand in front of me and dectare: This is who I am. Judge, shoot me , I couldn’t care less.

I find it VERY difficult sometimes to defend those characters’ actions, many of them I can’t even stand because of their brutal honesty and the way they perceive things .And maybe that’s why at the same time I love them.

BEE’s novels are those special reads that either impress you immediately, or make you absolutely hate and despise them from page one.

Nevertheless, they never leave you indifferent.

The Rules of Attraction is the story of college students, who try their best to challenge life and social idea of what’s appropriate.

While reading I couldn’t help remembering something I saw written on a bench in my college- “We were tripping on the idea of trying to feel something, to feel alive”.

I can’t say if those characters are self-destructive, or nichilistic or lonely, or whatever.

I believe each reader will see them in a different way and that’s what makes the book so great.


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Added 9th April 2018

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