“The tension makes for a fast-moving narrative that, in true cozy style, is kept light and manages to uncover clues that lead to plot twists that throw you off the scent of the true murderer.”


The first in the series of the dog park mysteries. Set in a dog park in urban Cincinnati our characters in this work meet most every day. For the humans and pooches it’s a social time The cast is creative and centers on artist Lia, whose ex-boyfriend appears to be a suicide found by her in the parking lot one morning. Told by three narrators the story unfolds and it’s off to a good start.

The synopsis for the book lets the reader know that it’s not a suicide but possibly a serial killer. We have narrations from Lia, Detective Peter Dourson and the murderer, so we slowly know who didn’t do it and just have to figure out who did. I enjoyed not only the discourses between the many characters but some very good tips on training a dog.

The only fault I really found was the author revealing the murderer about half way into the read, she did give subtle hints and started me guessing but letting the “cat out of the bag” left me perplexed and now limited only to the suspense of when and if they will be caught. All in all, despite my pet peeve, I would recommend this novel and the author.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 19th April 2020

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