“Moran’s writing sparkles with wit and warmth. Like the confidences of your smartest friend.”



Having read How to Build a Girl earlier this year, and finding it very funny, touching and memorable I couldn’t resist picking up How to Be a Woman in the charity shop last month. Nigella Lawson says she is ‘addicted to Caitlin Moran’s writing’ and she may have a point because reading this is like sitting with your best friend over a bottle of wine or three and putting the world to rights.

Part memoir, part rant, Moran dissects all things woman in a loud, raucous, ranty kind of way. Each chapter tackles a different subject of womanhood and combines Moran’s own experiences and stories with the things that women in general face every day. From body hair to sex, stopping at babies, fashion and the rest along the way, this is a hilarious, laugh out loud insight into womanhood and the things we are conned into for beauty.

Moran pulls no punches, and I suspect every woman out there who reads it is going to laugh, nod and read along, finding something to relate to on every page. The shame of it is, I suspect How to Be a Woman will be a book that will appeal mainly to the female audience, but I also highly recommend it to every man reading this review.

Go and read this book, men, women, everyone! Go out and buy it and read it immediately. Even better, do it over a glass of wine and I promise you’ll enjoy every page. This is one of my favourite books I have read this year, and I’m now randomly thrusting it at friends, demanding they read it immediately.


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 5th November 2016

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