“Magnificent . . . With a lyrical literary style, and a range that touches almost all aspects of human knowledge, Cosmos often seems too good to be true.”



More than just a book written by a notable Astrophysicist..it’s a journey through space and time from the “Big Bang”, how our solar system was formed and why we are here- to the space age, where we now have the capability to travel amongst the stars, not very far mind you just enough to get a mere glimpse of what’s out there.

As we commence this journey we visit some of the planets like Mars and Venus, what type of atmosphere and terrain they have and their relationship to us.

What the rings of Saturn are made of ?, the distance of stars… what they are and how long their light takes to reach us.

This book was never meant to be the end of a subject…but a beginning, some theories have been replaced but it is a starting point. Excellent explanations to what exactly is Global Warming, Nuclear Winter and countless additional subjects.

Without a doubt Carl Sagan put a good deal of thought into writing this work and if all human beings read only one book during their life time I would suggest this one. You might not believe all that it contains but it will give you cause to think for yourself if you read or listen with an open mind.

The main narration of the book is performed by LeVar Burton, who we remember from Star Trek the series with Seth McFarlane, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ann Druyan.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 29th January 2018

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