“If you liked GONE GIRL’S portrayal of a marriage in decline, the demented love story at the heart of YOU will have you gripped… This book will give you Stockholm syndrome.”



The creepiest protagonist I have possibly read about!

Joe Goldberg is so obsessed, so unapologetic and so utterly convinced that he is in the right that he almost manages to convince the reader too!

This guy isn’t one to justify what he does to feed his obsession with Guinevere Beck who he meets in his bookstore one day. He truly believes that she wants him and he must have her and that’s that.

Just as others remove road blocks to continue on their journey, Joe removes obstacles in the way of his relationship with Beck as she calls herself… No matter that they are living people, her friends. Nothing matters but his need.

Resorting to fraud, lies, meticulous planning and even outright killing, all of it is just a normal day’s work for him.

Beck doesn’t make things easy either with her blow hot blow cold attitude and lies stemming from the insecurities she has. She is confused as to what she wants and who she should be with and her indecision acts as a further trigger for Joe.

With that said, the story told from Joe’s POV entirely highlights the extent to which a person can go to satisfy their own ideas about how a relationship should be. It also is a telling commentary on how much of themselves people put out on social media without realising how that information can be misused and backfire on them.

There is something about Joe that makes you read on and sometimes even hope that he is turning a corner and he will get what he wants.. The writing is that good!

While reading it I felt it would definitely adapt well to the screen and I can’t wait to watch the series.


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 4th April 2019

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