“Laced with dry wit that keeps the characters real and likeable, this is another poignant, romantic and very readable tale.”



I quite like a bit of Cecilia Ahern and she’s one of those authors I always pick up if I see a book I haven’t read before. A few weeks ago I spotted How to Fall in Love and started reading it a few days ago when I was looking for a light read from my TBR.

It’s a lovely, engaging story and I was straight in and wondering what was going to happen next after just a couple of chapters. Straight up romance, it’s sweet and endearing while tackling a more serious subject of suicide and the key to happiness.

The main character, Christine is a bit of a self help book addict, but she finds herself helping the dishy Adam, who’s likely to be everyone’s literary crush by the end of the book. It’s a will they won’t they story that takes some interesting twists and turns and there’s a very sweet ending to boot.

That aside, the reason I love Ahern is because of the magical element she brings to many of her books. When I recommend her to friends I say that she writes fairytales for grown ups, and while this certainly comes under the fairytale category, happy ending too, it is missing some of the magic that Ahern has brought to previous books.

It’s not a big complaint, I’d read it in a couple of evenings, and as usual it did its job perfectly as a fun novel to consume a few hours.


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 5th November 2016

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