“An atmospheric, slow-burning beauty of a book, rich with raw-edged lyricism and achingly real characters.”


This suspenseful Noir like book is almost a throwback to the old western. Harley Jensen is a sheriff in a small Nebraska town and he mainly patrols the roads at night alone, keeping an eye on the old property’s, some abandoned, to make sure no one is using them for illegal means.
The family he keeps an eye out the most for is the Reddick family, consisting of the father who runs a business and his two boys, Rick, who is married to an unhappy wife and Paul, who has always been troubled and is trouble. The mother is still alive but she has suddenly disappeared. But the real tragedy in this family occurred years back when their other son was murdered by a local, but the body was never found as the killer committed suicide before he could tell anyone where he hid the body. Everyone always believed the body was hidden in one of those old abandoned homes. The old Jensen home is one of those places, where Harleys mother killed herself when he was a young boy.

The story takes place over a week and the tension will mount with every page as Jensen and the Riddicks come closer and closer to a finish that nobody really wants.
A really good first book that will keep you drawn in to its web of secrets and misunderstandings that lead to its final resolution.
Highly recommended .


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 7th April 2021

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