“This was a whole new take on going down the rabbit hole and I’m very very excited for the adventure to come.”



There is a lot of Alice in Wonderland-based fiction out there, as it is a rich vein for any writer to adapt, expand or twist.

Much of it involves madness and is quite dark. This definitely involves madness and it is *dark*.

It portrays a horribly dystopian city where law and stability are concepts only for the wealthy in the ‘new city’ whilst those who live in the ‘old city’ (the poor naturally) are left to try to survive the gang leaders and lawlessness as best they can. Most of the main characters appear in very different roles to those we normally expect – often with quite a twist. Definitely not for children or for the faint-hearted as some of what we see is frankly horrific and revolting.

Having said that, it is nevertheless a great read as the spin that the author puts on this old tale is compulsive to say the least. If you like your fantasy/dystopian fiction dark, you will enjoy this.


Reviewed by:

Debbie McCarthy

Added 31st May 2018

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