A beautiful collection than dances off the page with fun, tears and joy.



I first met Darrielle at a spoken word night and I was the only one there not brave enough to read something I had written myself. Darrielle read some of her own poetry on the evening and I was absolutely entranced. I could hardly believe that this lady was not published anywhere because I never fail to be magically captured by the way she makes words dance off the page.

The collection is split into three sections, and I particularly love part one with poems about reading and writing and the pleasure it gives us. You can almost feel the emotion bouncing back off the page and feel the stresses of life flow through the author’s fingertips and onto the page.

As you move onto Part 2 of the collection, the emotions change again as we get an insight into the author’s life, loves and pains. These beautifully written poems have such lovely assonance, smooth corners where needed, sharp corners where required. I find it astonishing that a few words can take you on such a beautiful adventure. The final selection is a motley of the author’s thoughts and experiences, and again are beautiful captures in dancing lines of poetry.

I’m quite verbose, and I have always envied people who can write poetry and convey such thought and emotion in just a few lines. Darrielle Cresswell’s Spilling Ink makes that envy as green as the hills, because this collection is simply beautiful.


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 15th March 2015


I am an avid reader and enjoy most categories of books. In reading Spilling Ink by Darrielle Cresswell I was invited into the author’s life to share in the wonder, pain, grief, joy and humour that is the human condition.

I was extraordinarily enchanted from the outset, quickly submerging myself in the harmony and flow of the diverse poems. It was similar to having a heart- to – heart with a friend over coffee.

The author sums up in ‘ Too Late’ how many in the nursing profession feel when they want so much to tend to every patient but don’t have the time due to other demands and shortages.

Even those not in the profession are able to comprehend with the flow of the authors ink. However, the very nature of this collection is heterogeneous and will appeal to all. To sit at one’s writing nook and share with the reader wit, heartbreak, poignancy, sorrow ,grief and whimsy is not only an accomplishment ,but a gift to us all.

This collection of poems is a MUST READ.


Reviewed by:

Georgina Turpin

Added 21st March 2015