“A brief, concise book, yet very helpful guide for every age group of people though it is written specifically by keeping in mind the budding generation, “the teenagers”.”



In this book, author wants us to be more cautious and serious about our future. He describes the lives of teenagers who went on to the wrong track and their devastate outcome.

From the first part only author emphasizes on the only main idea of this book which is to have a “PLAN”.

Author wants for us to have a definite plan for our future, he wants us not to trap in the things happening in immediate world but to think and plan for the future. For it the losers who fail to plan and winner who stick to the plan and follow it.

For better and productive future he advise us to focus on yourself first, learn as much as possible, try everything and make use of most of your teenager, college and life.

After developing most of yourself, take the responsibility for family, provide them with the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual support and have a healthy and happy family.

At last always think about the future generation, give them whatever you can do to make their life a productive one. Be wise, humble and down to earth.

In order to have a good future with a PLAN he advice us to be healthy, Healthy in terms of Physical, mental and spiritually.

Since body is the only way to exist in the world physically, Author wants us to exercise regularly to be healthy and to eat healthy and insulate our self from the toxic substances, for only if physically we are healthy we will be healthy by mind also, and in order to make mind healthy we should take inside the only useful information, do not let the toxics information ruin your beautiful mind, plus the most effective way to expand your mind is to READ.

The next important area author wants us to develop is “Spiritually”. Spiritual development is most important, it is a way to connect to God and to have inner piece. Always be connected to God, his deeds, his teachings.

Though this book mainly focuses on the Christian way to spiritual development but the obvious and truth, and good things fits everywhere, be it Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, muslim or any other religion, I think GOOD is everywhere GOOD. No holy book teaches unethical things, so abide them and implement them and make yourself spiritually healthy.

In the later part he advice how to choose colleges, and how to choose a career which really helpful but mainly depends on the personal, and economical background of the individual.

Some of my favourite and catchy lines are:

  • You don’t plan to fail, but you fail anyway. Why? Because you failed to plan.
  • Planning separates winners from losers.
  • “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36).
  • Sex always comes with consequences or excess baggage. Sex and marriage go together; sex and babies go together; sex and families go together; sex and bills; sex and diapers; sex and babies crying in the night. Sex is never free or easy; there is always a price tag attached.
  • A mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste.
  • Reading is the key.
  • “Do to others what you would have them do to you”.(Matthew 7:12)
  • Eagles fly alone; Turkies flock together and end up on the dinner table.
  • Keep your priorities in order.

Over all, this succinct help book gives reader guidance, encourages us to focus on our Better future. Encourages us to be healthy in terms of mind, body and spirit. It wants us to help each and everyone if possible and Have faith in yourself and in the God.


Reviewed by:

Sandeep Chetia

Added 30th July 2018