“Baldacci inhabits the skin of his creations – tripping us up with unexpected empathy and subtle identification.”



So Hillary Clinton isn’t going to prosecuted for her miss-use of an email package. Her Republican rivals are upset by it, even though there is loads of evidence of their own people having done a lot of things even worse than that. One of them is Ronald Regan selling arms to Iran to fund an illegal, and secret war. And that my friends, is exactly what the plot of this is all about, but brought up to date.

It all begins with King and Maxwell driving down the road in really heavy rain when they see a young man running ahead of them. They stop to offer help, a chase starts and that chase continues for the full 591 pages. There’s the usual mix of death and destruction of course, along with sub-plots and relationship issues too.

One relationship is between our two heroes and an IT genius who happens to be autistic to me. One of the pair makes a few comments and the man takes them seriously and acts on one of them. That leaves them in a bit of fix for any follow up; very clever David.

This another of my regular 3 for a fiver from The Works, and yet again it proves to be a great offer. Because of my slow reading rate (down to dyslexia mostly), being an easy read is important to me, and this one is another easy read. Being a writer myself, I’m also on the lookout for comments or ideas that I might be able adapt to use myself, and I’ve found a couple in this book.

King and Maxwell is another book I would like to recommend to all adult readers. There’s nothing particularly graphic in the violence and there’s no sex in it at all, but parents might want to have read before letting their sprogs free to read it. Give it a go folks, it’s well worth it.


Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 29th July 2016

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