“A heart-wrenching novel offering a Jodi Picoult style tale”.



This is the story of Noelle “the midwife”. This is her confession. Noelle commits suicide. When sorting through her things, her best friends Tara and Emerson, find a letter. The letter reads “I don’t know how to tell you what I did…” and what follows is quite a drama.

Noelle isn’t just the woman who has helped a lot of women in birth. She is much more than a midwife to a lot of people. She has helped people nurse their baby and provided support, friendship and help and not just of the medical sort.

Tara and Emerson are both married and each have a daughter, but drawn into the story and the confession they begin searching for answers to Noelle’s suicide note. The more they search the more it becomes apparent that their families are not what they seem.

The book is very well written and keeps you guessing until the end. The reader feels a lot of empathy to all the characters. I guessed the ending quite early on in the book but there were still shocks to be revealed and there was plenty to keep you reading until the end of the book.

I’d rate this book 7/10


Reviewed by:

Sarah Griffiths

Added 3rd March 2015

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