“The inspirational story of one man overcoming prejudice in a tough East End school.”


A tremendously inspiring book which ought to be read by all aspiring teachers and all those who have teaching as their profession in today’s world. A super guide to all the teachers of today which can guide them in guiding the young generation in the present school scenario.

E.R. Braithwaite who has no prior training in the teaching profession has in simple words guided and taught these young teenage children the way to live their life once they get out of school. He equipped them with the virtues of respect, nobility, honour and honesty which would take these young ones flying high in whatever work they would be doing in the future and to easily live the life that has been bestowed upon them in this savage world.

Though he himself was a victim of racism he undermined the good qualities in the white children and taught them to be bigger than the false social air that prevailed in the society.

It is noteworthy to see how he transformed these uninterested and uncouth,badly behaved students given up by every teacher of that school into gems and made each one realize his/her worth. He gave them the respect and love which they yearned and in turn the children loved him for eternity. At numerous instances when he felt that he had failed in his mission the children showed him that they revered his ideals and how much they care for him.

A must read book.


Reviewed by:

Mahalakshmi Ganesh

Added 21st April 2015