“Altered reality is the second book in the Exilon 5 series by Eliza Green.”



Bill Taggart is still searching for answers, mainly what happened to his wife. She was in the World Government armed forces on Exilon 5 and has been mising for two years. Laura O’Halloren might have the answers! She has been handed some vital documents that Bill has finally read. Bill and Laura team up and plan to get to Exilon 5 to see if they can discover the truth.

Indegenes, Stephen and Anton, are now seperated after Anton was captured on Earth. Stephen is back on Exilon 5 suffering from what he thinks is guilt, when in fact he is metamorphising into a new, stronger being.

Anton is tortured and medically tested by the World Government too try to understand why his DNA and body is still evolving though he is a grown adult Indegene.

Bill and Laura need help to get to Exilon 5 and they recruit the help of a disgruntled pilot that once worked for the World Government in their attempt to get to Exilon 5. Jenny eventually joins the team and they make their way to Exilon 5.

On Exilon 5 the three humans attempt to join forces with Stephen but Anton has mysteriously returned from Earth, not remembering how he escaped or was set free. All hell breaks loose in the final scenes in preparation for the final book, Crimson Dawn.

Though still a really good story, this book is not quite so well edited as the first book and even feels a bit rushed in places. Ms Greens ‘voice’ shines through though and the storyline has an exciting pace. The Science Fiction is totally believable as is the Dystopian future Earth.


Reviewed by:

Trevor Litchfield

Added 25th May 2015

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