“Becoming Human is the first book in the Exilon Trilogy.”



I got this book as a freebie and it is possibly one of the best freebies I have ever received. Ms Green is a new author and publishes as an independent, all her books may be bought as either paperbacks or ereader downloads.

The premise of the story is that Earth in the future is dying as an outcome of the things that are happening now, overpopulation, global warming and noxious gasses pumped into our atmosphere. In fact it has got so bad that the air is unbreathable without a mask and the noxious gasses have formed a cloud around the planet and the planet is now cooling at an alarming rate! Mankind lives off replicated food, recycled water and most of the planets wildlife is extinct.

So, it is a good thing that man has also discovered a fast way to travel through space and that they have discovered a planet that will sustain human life, well sort of. There is an indiginous lifeform already on this saviour planet, very human like and although initial research shows they are quite backward, they are in fact exceptionally intelligent.

The story follows Bill Taggart as he attempts to capture one of these so called ‘Indigenes’ but soon comes to learn that there is much more going on than he first thought. He eventually comes to learn that the World Government has secret plans for this new planet and a surprising secret it is already keeping. With the aid of a couple of ‘Indigenes’ and a human colleague he sets out to discover the truth.

That is where book 1 leaves us.

It is well written and superbly edited for an indie publication and I feel that we will see a lot more of Ms Green, or at least I hope so because I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in the trilogy.


Reviewed by:

Trevor Litchfield

Added 22nd May 2015

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