“Without a doubt, today Wuthering Heights is one of the most loved and treasured novels ever written in English – an absolute must read.”



Wuthering Heights is a gothic tragedy spanning for about two generations expressing what a mess people can make of their lives when passion is allowed the upper hand in one’s decision making process, overthrowing one’s common sense.

The story is a tragic love story of Heathcliff and Catherine, set on the bleak moors of Yorkshire which I believe is mirrored to the wild nature in Heathcliff’s character. The story does not just deals with one aspect of human life, but takes us on a journey overall. It does not just fit in the frame, it flows out of it– graciously.

Along with the given emotion– love, the story has grief, hatred, jealousy and hope laced in it.

Emily Brontë with the help of her writing– Wuthering Heights, had helped in destroying the bars for the women in Victorian Era to write conservatively about ball gowns, parties and courtesies. She had expressed through Wuthering Heights that what a person may seem from outside, might not be the same from inside. In other words, Never judge a book by it’s cover.

A classic is a classic when it has not finished what it has to say; it’s words never come to halt for they keep echoing in our hearts over and over again.
And Wuthering Heights is one of them.


Reviewed by:

Navya Sharma, age 14

Added 9th September 2015