“Fascinating and imaginative…It’s non-stop action when gamers must navigate clever puzzles and outwit determined enemies in a virtual world in order to save a real one. Readers are in for a wild ride.”



Wow! OK deep breath…I just finished this book. It is going on my top faves forever list! This is one of the coolest (and by that I mean geekiest) and original books I have ever read.

The year is 2044 in a dystopian society. Wade is up for the battle of his life. The creator of OASIS has died and he has no heirs and billions of dollars. The money and company goes to the person who has found the three hidden keys in this epic virtual reality universe.

The creator, Halliday, was a teenager in the 1980’s and is obsessed with 70’s-80’s pop culture. In the real world people are homeless and starving.

The concept of that much money is incomprehensible and Wade wants to win it. The players have to have a vast knowledge of 80’s trivia, arcade and Atari games to win it, and Wade is only one of millions searching for the prize.

I too was a teen in the 80’s. This book has everything that I love! Total geekiness, 80’s music, tv, movies, games, etc, and characters well developed in both in the real and virtual world. There are tales of love, camaraderie, patience, perseverance, revenge, deceit, evil, and sacrifice within the these pages just waiting to be found much like the prize itself.

My prize was all the fun I had reading this book. I will certainly miss it. I wish you all well on your journey through the quest of this novel, and I hope you love it as much as I did. I’m only sorry I can only give this book five stars!

So far, the best book I have read all year. Happy reading!


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Strawberry Fields

Added 18th August 2015

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