The stories themselves have that delightful quality of exaggeration that makes his points indelible..”



Babylon Revisited is a collection of 3 short stories by F.Scott Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby). \he book includes; Babylon Revisited, The Cut Glass Bowl and The Lost Decade. Babylon Revisited was first published in 1931 in the “Saturday Evening Post” and the book was given away free in “The Telegraph” the following weekend.

The Short stories featured, are captivating and interesting and each tell a very different story with unique characters.

Babylon Revisited is set in Paris which is typical to many Fitzgerald novels, the main character is visiting in order to see his daughter and get her back living with him. As the story moves on we are given the character’s background which tells us the intriguing tale of why his daughter is not in his custody.

The Cut Glass Bowl is a clever concept where several aspects and characters in the story revolve around the inanimate object of the bowl. Scandals and shocking incidents are all caused by or something to do with The Cut Glass Bowl.

Finally the shortest of all three stories, The Last Decade sees the re-appearance of a character who has clearly been out of the scene from some time. This story draws suspense by making you wait until the very end to find out why the character has been missing for so long.

This book of short stories offers readers a chance to read something in FItzgerald’s writing style which is shorter and easier to read than his novels. A great way to start reading Fitzgerald for the first time. Or for fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing, this book offer something short and different from a great author.


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Catherine Muxworthy

Added 5th February 2016

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