“Delightful, thoughtful essays on fatherhood…Parents—especially fathers—will appreciate Backman’s witty and touching lessons.”



This delightful short book consists of short essays written by the author to his young son, explaining things about love, Mom and Dad, and all the advice he wants to pass on to his boy on what he will need to get along in the world. Any father will thoroughly enjoy this book. Just for the asides about Mom it is worth reading.

But the essays on why you need to join a soccer team, or why you need to join a band are hilarious and right on. Dads explanation about the prominence of poop in a baby’s life is hysterical and heart warming. His last essay about understanding love is a gem.

Backman is a terrific writer and children play such an important part in all of his books, so he knows his way around the kids and that comes through so strongly in this book.

Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 11th July 2019

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