“A knockout thriller that’s just the right degree of chilly to combat the dog days of summer…”


Mayor Penn Cage, is set to have one of the busiest weekend of the year, with a hot air balloon festive happening and trying to land an investor to bring his recycling plant to the small town of Natchez.

He has got a lot on his plate, all of this going on while he has just come to the realisation that everything he wanted to do when he first ran for mayor is beyond this grasp and he’s actually planning on calling it a day on his political career.

The night before this big weekend mayor Cage finds himself in a graveyard in the middle of the night waiting for a man who was his best friend growing up but who’s life took a very different path. At this meeting Penn is enlightened to some of the horrors that are happening within the shadows of the town he calls home.

The next night Penn is heading again to the graveyard to meet Tim who says he has the proof they need. With the gun Tim asked his to bring, mayor Cage heads out to meet Tim, but after being delayed helping out an old lover’s son he find himself arriving late to the rendezvous but Tim is not waiting for him, he has been murdered!

Getting home mayor Cage is greeted by the man with whom Tim has being trying to unmask and with the threat to Penn’s family, he must now track down the stolen evidence and return it to its owner. Not knowing who he can trust and with his family’s lives on the line Penn’s weekend is about to get much busier.


Reviewed by:

Mathew Hooper

Added 20th November 2015

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