“Time and again in these seven stories, Murakami displays his singular genius. . . . The stories in this collection find their power within the confines of common but momentous disturbances that linger on in memory.”



Just finished Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami.  This is a book of short stories. The title of the book is the title of the last story in the book, though, the title can be inferred to mean some of the other stories as they also deal with men who are dealing with problems concerning woman.

The book is composed of 7 stories.   Drive my Car tells us about an actor who is a recent widower who is attempting to befriend his late wife’s last lover.  Yesterday concerns 2 friends, one whom has a beautiful girl friend but wants his friend to date her.

An Independent Organ is about a man who dates many woman, even at the same time, because he has no desire to fall in love.  Scheherazade  is about an older man who has a volunteer come to his home every week with his groceries, and while becoming his lover, tells him stories after making love.  Kino is a fantasy about a bar owner and a strange customer.  Samsa in Love is about a man who appears to be reborn and Men Without Women is a story of a man who gets a phone call on the middle of the night telling him a former lover has committed suicide.

Murakami is a masterful writer, and wether you are familiar with his work or not you are sure to enjoy this book. Highly recommended


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Richard Franco

Added 4th August 2017

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