“I could very well imagine that I was watching the characters on a screen in front of me.. So vividly described is it!”


This is a very sweet story with a lot of laugh out loud humour. Though it has romance, emotions and aChristmassy theme what stands out is the light, feel good nature of the story.

I could very well imagine that I was watching the characters on a screen in front of me.. So vividly described is it!

Georgia Bailey works as a charity shop manager in the fictional small town of Oakbarrow and working late one night, she takes a call that should never have come to her. On learning that the caller is about to jump off the bridge just a little distance from where she is, she throws rules and protocol to the wind, determined to talk him off the bridge.. And she does, amazed to discover that she has a lot in common with him, including her feelings about Christmas and her favourite movie, the one she is named after.

Only to discover the next day when she goes into her usual coffee shop on her way to work, that the broken stranger on the bridge the previous night and the ever cheerful, smiling coffee shop owner Leo Summers, who is responsible for her caffeine addiction, are one and the same.

Wanting to help Leo out of his dark place, knowing he would never let her into his life if he knew she was the one he had spoken to, Georgia chooses to not tell him, instead befriending him more and getting him to open up about his problems.

Of course this means Leo cannot know where she works and so she tells him a white lie about working in the bank next door and thus begins a hilarious run around involving most of the people working on the businesses in that street, to keep him from finding out.

To revive Leo’s coffee shop, It’s a wonderful latte, named after their shared favourite movie, It’s a wonderful life, Georgia enlists his help to revive the establishments on the high street of their town, to awaken memories of glorious Christmases of the past and get people to come back to shop there.

As Leo’s problems start getting solved, Georgia knows there is one she has created and has to find a solution for.. telling him the truth!

This story has a lot of characters who are totally involved in each others lives and evokes nostalgia for that kind of environment in a modern day setting.

A really refreshing, positive read.


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 1st February 2019

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