“If you have ever wanted to know what it’s like to live in Mallorca, Spain. Read this book. Perfect for those beach days and lazy hammock days.”



James B Rieley has written quite a few respected business books over the years, but I believe this is his first foray into publishing a more personal book. It’s obvious he enjoyed writing without the constraints of a business-book publisher.

What this means is that you get a lot of bang for your buck – or, in other words, a lot of book for your euro/dollar/pound/beans/whatever.

I’ve given the book four, rather than five stars, because I’m still only part way through reading it (lack of time, rather than lack of interest!).

Living on Rocks’ is an absorbing book and an ideal summer-holiday read – particularly if, like me, you have holidayed abroad and fantasized about living in that country. James’s book gives you an insight into the day-to-day challenges (and delights) of becoming an expat….on two very different islands. It also contains a heartfelt account of the impact of Hurricane Irma on his dream lifestyle.

James has written this in an intimate style. Reading it makes you feel as though he’s with you, sharing a bottle of wine (mallorquin, claro) and his anecdotes – many of which are amusing. I had several laugh-out-loud moments before I’d reached the end of the first chapter.


Reviewed by:

Mrs J. Dunn

Added 15th October 2019


By coincidence, I just retired and as the first order of business, set off to fulfill a life dream – living in the Caribbean. Rieley’s book is the perfect guide for previewing the best way to make the most of this adventure.

It brings a local perspective to island life which many travel guides omit, instead focusing on the touristic aspects.

Also, he expanded my horizons beyond just the Caribbean – there are other islands just as great, maybe culturally richer, like Mallorca.

I recommend this to anyone contemplating breaking away for a sun and beach way of life, even if just for an extended vacation.


Reviewed by:

Stoddard Vandersteel

Added 11th September 2019


James B Rieley’s book LIVING ON ROCKS is an entertaining read, but also especially useful for those contemplating the ex-pat life on an island or a foreign shore.

James Rieley gives a good insight into the trials and tribulations of living in a culturally different community.

Written in a light hearted and amusing way he describes how he coped with the language and learned to integrate with the local people, not only in a Majorcan village, but also in the West Indies.

His description of how he survived hurricane Irma reads like a thriller.

Living on Rocks is an enjoyable holiday read.


Reviewed by:

Nicholas Watkis

Added 11th September 2019