“A riveting story of a murder that shatters the picturesque calm of Amish country”



Plain Truth is based on the Amish Community and their ways of life.

One morning a dead infant is found within an Armish Barn. An eighteen year old Amish girl, Katie, who lives on the farm, is pressured to be the baby’s death.

Ellie, a high class attorney, is brought in to defend Katie. After a ruling in Court Ellie has to live with the Amish community. The two cultures clash and Ellie must find a way to get through to Katie whilst living as a plain.

Not only does Ellie have the Amish life to deal with a murder trial to defend, she finds herself falling for a man from the past.

The book follows the normal storyline and structure of contemporary issues being dealt with within a legal setting.

The book keeps you guessing until the last minute and Picoult delivers a shock at the end.

The storyline in though provoking and Picoult has really done herself justice with the research done on the Amish community. The book at times is quite well educated.

Another great read from Picoult

I’d rate this book 8/10


Reviewed by:

Sarah Griffiths

Added 4th March 2015

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