“‘Heidi’, a beautiful story of innocence and true friendship, written by Johanna Spyri!”


My childhood friend, ‘Heidi’… Hiding in my bookshelves for many years…. One of my very favourite book among many given by my father to me… Illustrated classic edition! An old, used, second-hand book bought from a seller by the roadside in Mumbai. Even now, many beautiful, used books are sold on the footpaths of Mumbai city. We had bought many such old, used books from sellers by the roadside and I had re-read them infinite times.

Orphaned little Heidi living with her maternal aunt is brought to her grandfather (father’s father), who is living alone in the mountains. Heidi loves the ambience, enjoys staying up at the mountains in the wooden house. She befriends a little shepherd of her age, Peter. Initially, the strictness of her grandfather who has been nurturing prejudices gradually starts melting down. Rather than saying that he started showering her with his care and love, it was Heidi’s spontaneity and innocence awakens the love of her grandfather.

Suddenly, a day arises when Heidi is being sent to a city where she is made to accompany a girl named Clara, of her age, who is a wheelchair user. Clara’s father who is a businessman has to be frequently away from her home. Clara has already lost her mother forever. Clara is looked after and her home is being managed by a strict governess. Heidi slowly starts adapting to the life in city and it’s hustle and bustle. Heidi and Clara become best friends over the period of time. Their friendship transcends any kind of differences. But, there comes a day when the circumstances make Heidi return to her grandfather’s home in the mountains. Clara misses Heidi a lot and visits her. The beauty of the nature, the healthy and nutritious food, friendship with Heidi and Peter, the use of knowledge of physiotherapy by Heidi’s grandfather changes Clara’s life wonderfully forever.

‘Heidi’, a beautiful story of innocence and true friendship, written by Johanna Spyri! Do read! Not just for children but for the people who long for the true friendship!


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Added 12th February 2021