“The prequel to The Girl you Left Behind.”



I’m in between books and I was so tired last night I didn’t really want to start anything heavy so I downloaded Honeymoon in Paris, a novella from Jojo Moyes. I just downloaded it for a quick easy read really, but the minute I started reading I realised it’s a prequel to The Girl You Left Behind and I was ecstatic because I really didn’t feel ‘done’ with Sophie.

Honeymoon in Paris is only 7 chapters but it’s well worth the cover price, covering the entire backstory of both Sophie and Liv, the main female characters from The Girl You Left Behind. I’m not sure in which order they were released but I’m glad I read them in the order I did, knowing the entire story and then going back to the start was really nice and I was thrilled to find out more about both characters.

The book switches chapter by chapter between Sophie and Liv and goes back to, as the title suggests, the start of both their marriages and settling into married bliss isn’t easy for either of them.

I loved this book, I wish it had been an entire novel but it was a lovely short read. My only complaint would be that I read it on the Kindle and thought it was at 86% when actually the last 14% is chapter one of The Girl You Left Behind, let that stand as a warning to all of you who eread and have already read the second book.

If you loved The Girl you Left Behind, you really should complete the story!


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Kath Cross

Added 13th April 2015

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