“Another beautifully written and well researched tale from Jojo Moyes.”



I bought The Girl you Left Behind after I read Me Before You, fully expecting it to be another ‘boyfriend dies, girl gets left behind’ kind of romance novel. I downloaded it to my Kindle, started reading and I was in World War I, hang on did I have the right book? I flicked back and checked and yes I did so I carried on reading and pretty soon I was completely lost somewhere in France in the early 20th century in the full dark shadow of WWI.

I was completely and utterly engrossed in the story, I fell in love with Sophie and all the characters are so darn likeable (even the German commander). I have to confess I stayed up until 3am reading the night I started it and suddenly as I flicked the page ‘Part 2’. On I read and I’m in London in the present day. Where is my Sophie? I put the book down a little disconcerted and came back to it the next day.

Pretty soon I was lost in Part 2 and finished the book the next day, it’s a real majestic tale from start to finish. The Girl you Left Behind is proper haunting weepy romantic tale and whatever you think it’s about from the cover, you’re wrong, I almost guarantee it.

This novel contains stories within stories within stories, weaving two tales a hundred years apart so closely you can’t see the joins.

Fantastically researched and beautifully written, as everything from Jojo Moyes is, she really is becoming the ‘go to’ romance author of the day. If you love historical romance, you’ll love The Girl you Left Behind. If you love contemporary romance, you’ll love The Girl you Left Behind. Just buy this book, I loved it!


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 4th April 2015

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