“From the bestselling author of Me Before You, another fantastic novel.”



I ended up reading several Jojo Moyes books over the last few months and if you like that contemporary fiction, aimed at women kind of thing I can highly recommend her as an author to explore. The one thing I love is that all her books read very differently to each other and all her characters have their own complexities and I’m glad to say that One Plus One was no different.

Jess Thomas is a single mum with two jobs and two children, and let me tell you I know exactly how it feels and it was this tag line that first attracted me to download it. I hadn’t imagined of course how much I would truly connect with Jess Thomas and it made for an enjoyable yet eerie read.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that for all the best will and hard work in the world, I am a walking disaster area and Jess Thomas is no different. No matter how hard she tries, or how hard she works everything goes wrong for her. Tiny bad decisions turn into catastrophic disasters and you’re literally wincing along with her in the book.

All Jess wants is to give her very clever daughter a great opportunity but it seems the odds are stacked against her. Will one plus one make two in the end?

I chatted with my friend about this book after I’d read it and the first thing she said is ‘I kept picturing her as you! Everything she did I could imagine you doing, so much so it stopped me enjoying the book in the end.’. I’m glad it wasn’t just me.

I’ve never written such a personal review before, but The One Plus One could have been written about me! I loved this book, it was brilliant, funny, touching, and everything that Jojo Moyes is turning out to be as an author.


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 29th March 2015

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