” If you want to improve your diet, if you want to lose weight… Read this…It’s a stomach churner..”



Abyme is an isolated town set at an indeterminate point in time but obviously post apocalyptic, it is a town ruled by religion and fear, with the populace carefully watched over by the Grand Bishop.. Meat is a precious commodity and is eaten with reverence and solemnity and the entire supply is controlled by one of the most horrific characters I’ve ever encountered, Rory Magnus, owner of MMP, Magnus Meat Processing.

Our protagonist is Richard (Ice Pick Rick) Shanti, MMP’s best slaughterman.. His kills are clean and his speed is unmatched but Ice Pick has a secret..

He no longer believes in his work..

He no longer believes in meat..

He no longer believes in The Grand Bishop..

A chance meeting with an enigmatic man, John Collins has called his entire existence into question and Ice Pick begins to realise there is another way but will The Grand Bishop allow him to live this alternative lifestyle? Will Magnus allow him to live at all?

He has a family, a wife and two girls, he knows he can give them a better, healthier life but a lifetime of fanatical brainwashing and fearmongering not to mention a defiant wife, will not make for an easy transition..

There is a chapter in this book that has to be one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever read, it haunted me.. Why?

Because it’s real..

Because it’s everywhere..

Because it’s happening now..

It’s all about perspective..


Reviewed by:

Shan Williams

Added 7th March 2015

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