Kept me gripped from the beginning to the end, I literally couldn’t put it down and read it in a day.”



The story revolves around two sisters, Louise and Alice.

Louise is picture perfect – elegant, confident and determined to achieve something in life.

Whereas Alice is a nervous wreck – following an incident which has changed her life (both physical and mental) for the worse.

Being superbly busy at work, Louise often leaves her 8-year old son, Archie, with Alice and the two of them form a very lovely bond. So much so that Alice starts venturing out in public – something she has been hesitant of doing since THE incident and the sudden demise of her mother.

At the outset it seems like a simple story being told, about the daily lives of Louise, Alice and Archie – and the people they run into.

Told alternatively between incidents that have happened in the two sister’s lives and how their past has moulded them to be what they are today, this was a great read.

The sheer excellence of it comes at the end – when there’s an amalgamation of all the characters towards one pivotal ending.

And the revelation of the secrets Archie has been holding to his heart – for fear.

Superbly written, unpredictable, and with a fantastic finish…

This is what story-telling should be like.

Not for once will one be able to guess what’s going to happen.

4.5/5 for me!


Reviewed by:

Ranjini Sen

Added 31st July 2018

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