“Reichs’ seamless blending of fascinating science and dead-on psychological portrayals, not to mention a whirlwind of a plot, make Break No Bones a must read.”



Another new writer for me and yet again, one the three for a fiver offers from The Works. Yes, I know, I’m late trying her work. Reichs is a forensic anthropologist in Quebec, Canada. Her experience is brought to bear on this murder story, as in all her stories methinks too. As writers, we are advised to write what we know. Reichs has taken that advice to heart it seems.

Here we have a murderer for profit on the loose in South Carolina, where heroine Dr Brennan is leading a group of students in a dig in a known ancient burial area. Her students find an ‘intruder’, a body that should not be there. It is clear that it is a fairly newly buried body, one of three that are found in quick succession.

Wrapped up in all of that we have an investigation of a clinic run by a church; the investigation is begun by the father of a girl who has disappeared, the investigator also disappears; Dr Brennan’s love life is and added complication, as is the illness of her friend Emma; add in a sceptical Sherriff and his staff; belligerent clinic staff and a land owner who is angered over the report Brennen has filed on the area when he wants to build condos, and we have lots of conflicts going on.

The good Dr Brennen comes good at the end of course and the story is all wrapped up in 460+ pages (my paperback copy that is). I enjoyed it, and have bought and new one when shopping last night. I might be late coming to this writer, but now I have all the rest of her books to look forward to.


Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 4th November 2016

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